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Clearing A New Path

There is always a path to the future that is calling to be created.

The evolution of humanity is always a challenge of moving forward without any path to follow. In this case, we are guided by our hearts’ inner wisdom to be quiet and listen.

Our heart is calling us to listen to much more than hearing its pulsing sound wave. It is asking us to become more aware of the egoic self, which continually creates an exaggerated viewpoint that we have followed with little questioning.

The New Path begins here in our hearts, not our minds, and the first step is to decide what we can or cannot take with us on this adventure.

Many look to other planets as something to exploit and use in the future and will quite possibly repeat the same long-term damaging effect there.

So, the message today is about a New Path into our future with not just less damage but more respect for each other and all elements that sustain life.

Our human experience is not separate from the environment we live in.

On the contrary, it is in an active co-creation with it. For example, No Water, No Life.

Our New Path is also Our Now Path which shows future generations that we became consciously aware of the damage created over thousands of years and have chosen to restabilize for them to live and evolve in a better balanced and highly supported environment.

I am reminded of these 1970 Lyrics from Graham Nash

of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

“Teach Your Children”

‘You, who are on the road

Must have a code

That you can live by

And so become yourself

Because the past is just a goodbye’

We were the children then who could see the dark sky ahead before power and greed became the goal of humanity.

We are still many who are here to help guide future generations to a New Path based on Peace, Light, and Love rather than Narcissism, Pathology, and Destruction

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 11.18.22