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It is funny how animals sense what is happening by what you do.

Our Beloved Barbara has been on vacation for 9 days and we have been living through some strange energies.

As a typical male I begin to clean up the house hours before her arrival. Yes, even when we balance our Divine Feminine some traits still remain.
Hey… at least I’m cleaning now instead of leaving it for you know who with an excuse of being too busy.

Lillybelle as you can see is sensing her arrival for she is a veteran of this behavior and Barbara probably isn’t even in the States yet. Lilly recognizes my energy patterns and knows that soon her human Mommy will be home and all will be back to normal.
She will have both her humans to con another treat out of.


This is Lenny a recent arrival to our family.
Lenny The Cat  is much like a phantom which appears only when it suits his needs. He is a Mamma’s boy with an attitude so he talks to me as if I’m responsible for his human mother’s disappearance and all ills that he may be feeling in any given moment.As you can see he has his favorite hideout in his room (Yes he has a gated room to himself) which is base camp. He is not a happy camper at the moment as vacuum cleaners, dog and male human are at a tie for worse objects in the world.

Occasionally he will surrender to male human and cautiously allow a few neck scratches but very warily so and not for any length of time without expressing vocally he is ready to attack at any quick or disliked move.Yes he is the new arrival and has attached himself to Barb’s heart and lets everyone know how he feels.

Being not bashful he and Lilly have a bit of warrior entertainment which can arise out of nowhere. Yet, He too knows by the hubbub that Mamma will soon arrive or had better because this was not a fun vacation for him.

So I thought a little levity might be nice for a change as I always post the deeper meaning of everything just to let you all know that I really am just a regular guy.

And if we can’t laugh at ourselves then maybe we need to start our journey of enlightenment there.
Now back to work… just got the sheets out of the dryer and time to make the bed.

Much Love to all from my family to yours
Charlie Riverman