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Well my friends it is actually Tuesday night before I post my show from Friday morning here. Yes it has been 4 days of constantly letting go… filled with messages and new revelations.

As I type tonight I cannot actually remember what the talk was about except for some concept of time being an illusion.
Oh Well! Linear thinking gets boring and much of our lives was not as memorable as it was made out to be. Yet it appears at the most bizarre moments as if we were slapped in the face by a timeline.

Let us learn to laugh again when we meet ourselves, at the same memory we let go of so many times before, only to have it rise again in our faces.

Many lessons we have not truly learned repeat in different forms, until we finally surrender from letting them go and move beyond them without a rear view mirror.

Audio-Mp3 version of Letting Go… Again

YouTube Video version of Letting Go… Again

Much Love and Gratitude to Humanity Healing and the opportunity to speak to such a varied and wonderful audience around the world.
And to each of you who take the time to listen when you can.

May we all Let Go and become something more than we ever thought of before.

Charlie Riverman