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On Friday the 1st day of December my Presence of Light Talk was on how we are all a balancing act of Masculine and Feminine energies yet we define ourselves as one or the other.
The word Disclosure came to me and as I thought about it I realized that we need to be revealing to ourselves how much we are acting or feeling as either of these gender labels in any given activity or thought pattern.

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My Show Notes…

Disclosure of the Divine Masculine/Feminine Self

The Definition of Disclosure is to expose or reveal

Discover         – it within ourselves

Uncover          – the layers of programming

Acknowledge – we are not complete without either

Admit             – to our lack of acceptance

Reveal            – the fears of it to ourselves

Declare           – our commitment to being whole again

Enlighten       – each other with the deep sensitivity that arises
In order to reach our greatest potential as humans we need to incorporate and balance our internal Divine Masculine and Feminine energies.

Equally inherent to both men and women are our behaviors, thought-patterns and tendencies to dictate the balance of these complementing energies.
Yet we have lived in a story-line that has promoted individuality as separation and carried it to a very dangerous extreme
Each of us carry a complex psychological and emotional makeup of past experiences, learned behavior and self-discovery which contributes to our internal well-being and our external reality.

We are also carrying genetic memory through our DNA which has both an individual and collective effect that perpetuates the illusion of separation and denial.

This dissonance both in this lifetime and our DNA cause one or both energies to be out of balance, stagnant, oppressed, confused, or disrespected in some manner.

Then as well we often times add to the mix, self-imposed thoughts of inadequacy, self-loathing, or doubt which tend to be the greatest perpetrators of imbalance in the masculine and feminine energies.

Yet above all this, yet deep within us, there is this purity of Balanced Divine Masculine and Feminine which is what we are now being called to embrace as fully as we are possibly able to.

The key to the doorway of this lies within your Heart and is within reach if you so choose to accept your own misunderstandings of the full potential of who you truly are as Divine Creators.

It takes transparency and forgiveness to come to terms with every aspect of our inner fears and doubts but it all begins with being truthful about our energy in motion. We must let all our barriers down and open all the closet doors we are wasting our energy on keeping shut.
At times it will be scary and contradictory to everything we may have felt was truth but in the end you will be closer to your Divine Self for the process.

Peace, Light and Love