A beautiful message from my Soul Sistar Allayah whose heart brings through such beautiful Mother Energy and Wisdom…

Sanctuary of the White Rose

We are one heart message:
Mother of All, where are you ?, We cry.
Mother:   Children of my heart i hear you.
Children oh my heart i see and feel you.
I stand before you with open arms to embrace but  you do not see or feel me..  You have closed your hearts thru your perceived fears and self imposed pain.  you are blind to my vision i show you.
Children of my heart, i am here beside you we are one heart.  Your heart beats within you sparked by my flame within.  I am always part of you but you forgot how to feel and see me thru the darkness you surround your self with.  Go within.  feel your heartbeat.  I am there.  Open your eyes and see the beauty of all around you.  Now you are seeing thru my eyes.  Touch and reach out to others in need. …

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