Sometimes we just need to be reminded by our friends of the moments in between… Thank You Mia


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This is a Moment in Between
A Transition time
There is still a little bit of clearing to do
Some Gentle Stillness is needed
Some Integrating of all that has been
All that has been learned
All the work done
Realizing how Rich you really Are Within
How Capable you are and what is left to Accomplish
Enjoy the slowed down pace
To Rest a bit
And let your thoughts take you places
Meditate if you can
And Receive more Guidance for your Path
When you begin to receive glimpses of Clarity and Understanding how things are unfolding and how every little stepping stone has helped you learn better about your Connection to All that is, You may begin to be Amazed at what a Journey this Actually is ♡
Things will Pick up Soon
And you Will want to be Ready!
May you Receive the Pure Healing Intentions in…

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