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Happy New Yearth 2018

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Happy New Yearth…

Yearth really is a word which I looked up after playing with the two words Year and Earth which does mean the earth.
I was thinking how 2018 was going to be a year in which a New Earth was going to begin taking form.Not that we haven’t been preparing for this for quite a while now but that each of us are going to take a more active and participatory role in this formation.

We have been taught our whole lives about our five senses and most of you who will listen to this show recognize your sixth sense…



It is this last one intuition, which will be our guiding light in how we not only react but co-create all of the changes which will need to occur for the stabilization of the energies of this New Earth.

My work for the past 20 years has been with the blessing and re-alignment of water and ancient sacred landmarks which is much too involved to totally explain in a half hour talk. However in its simplest form it is that by listening to my higher self, my spirit self as a guide, I have been led to many places both physically and intentionally to rebalance or clear imbalance.

For some of you this might seem like quite a daunting task or more than you might particularly feel comfortable doing and that is perfectly understandable.

So I’m not here to tell you that it is what you need to do. However, what I want you to think about is how you as a powerful and amazing being on the face of this earth, can have a positive effect on the Earth for the future generations.

Remember that we are the future generation of many races of people who failed to honor the earth and instead chose to mine and extract the very life-giving resources in order to create a world in which they could rule over others.

I won’t belabor on that topic but we all know it in our hearts and we all feel it in our every day lives. We also see how many so-called rulers are being bought and sold for power and greed to the point where Earth, the planet, is now speaking to us all that She has had enough.

So my brothers and sisters we can live in denial, we can choose to fight and argue, or we can choose to actively participate in the resurrection of our beloved Planet Earth.

I call it a resurrection only because it is we who have died, it is we who have killed ourselves, is we who have been led like sheep over the edge of a cliff and it is time now to say no more.

So that’s my negative side of this morning’s talk. The positive is that each of us by doing one small act to benefit the earth, when it is compounded, becomes a revolution in silence which cannot be fully attacked, because it is spread across the face of the whole world.

In warfare troops gather, form strategies, moving in and dividing and conquering. Within the New Earth there is nothing to divide and conquer, because it is each of us individually, who commit to working on our own yet as a collective humanity, to heal the planet and restore the beneficence we were all intended to partake of.

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So how do we do that?

First of all, let us look within our own hearts. Let us see where we each are perpetuating the very things which are stealing the future from our children and grandchildren. Not to place guilt on ourselves but to take a deeper look at what can we do without, or replace, with a better and more holistic behavior.

I use the word holistic which for most part is used as a human term, yet I see us as part of the whole planet, as a co-creative part of her physical presence, which for now we are acting as parasites.
It is this parasitic behavior which can be corrected once we learn how we are actually doing it through non-attention to our individual behaviors.

I bless water and I bless land as well as clean debris and redirect energy so it is both a spiritual and physical effort. My biggest project for the new year is to reduce the amount of products I purchase or use that perpetuate the large corporations in their frenzy of pollution as they manipulate our daily lives with paid for laws that give them more power and control.

Yes the New Earth needs all of us to just not sit around and talk, we have already done that. Action in even small forms is what we are being directed towards.
There is no one on the face of this planet that is not experiencing some sense of lack and I include the multi-billionaires in this.  However they may never awaken to what they truly lack, which is a sense of love and compassion for humans and the planet.

So it is up to us to seek within our own hearts and start to walk the road that leads us away from destruction, leads us to rebuild the whole planetary neural network for sustainability and for future life.

Each one of us even in the smallest effort makes a difference. We are not powerless, without us the rich don’t get wealthier, the wars have no one to fight them and the insanity dissipates back to the disease it really is, to be recognized clearly as not a way of life.

So I call on each of you to take time in the new year, to rest, yes rest.

To take more walks in your neighborhood or if that is not a safe place then to find a safe place in nature where you can walk and contemplate the living force that surrounds you.

I ask you to listen to the earth, wind and water as they speak very loudly as Elemental Messengers along with fire who has a very strong message for us all of how destructive change can be when sustainable living is not honored.

That which we call nature, Mother Nature, will reset herself with or without humans, for she was here before them and she will be here after they no longer exist. We are Her children in more ways than you can believe or find possible.

She loves us, She holds us in a vision of purity and of co-creative intention.
Yes we have been her naughty children and now need to ask for forgiveness and to be welcomed back into her heart once again.

Blessings of Peace Light and Love
May 2018 be filled with amazing insights and revelations as you commit to being your Fullness and Glory.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron