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The beautiful frozen York River,York, ME on January 1st, 2018

On January 2nd I presented a guided meditation as a part of a Global gathering of reflection which is called  7Days of Rest   as a Council Member of Loving Waters

I now share with you the MP3 and a link to that live meditation as well as the written form below it.

Day 2: 7 Days of Rest~Water Wisdom w Charlie Riverman

7 Days of Rest Water Meditation – January 2, 2018

Heart Resonance – Meditation – Restoring Flow
Gathering within the waters of our Heart to deepen our personal relationship and ancient connection Water in all forms.

Presented by: Charlie Riverman Bergeron … Earth Angel – Watershed Guardian – Planetary Healer

As we begin our journey into the Year 2018 it is important to deepen our relationship with all water.

Let us begin by quietly dropping our attention into our Hearts.
(Which by the way is about 79% water)
and a magnificent electromagnetic generator
which sustains us in a toroidal field of energy
that is ready for all aspects of our daily physical lives

So this is our Heart, this is the physical process it goes through
but we are going to dive into the Water of our hearts
and learn and relate to more of the deeper spiritual level

So Let us… just relax…
Slowly breathe in the word Water…
and likewise let us slowly exhale the word Water…
inhaling and exhaling slowly
Relaxing, and trusting that in this small sacred circle
of Water Lovers and Guardians
we are a unified field of expanded conscious awareness

Vision yourself walking along a quiet wooded path
away from the hustle and turmoil of everyday existence
listening to the sounds around you change ever so slightly
from a brittle and jarring background noise
to a more rhythmic and gentle flowing orchestration
Listening attentively we walk further and further along
we begin to allow our pace to slow down
knowing that there is a place ahead
where we can sit by a small pond
which is fed by an ancient spring that never ceases
even in the most severe droughts of recorded memory

Relaxing deeper into our natural surroundings as we walk
we begin to feel the dampness in the air we breathe
the warmth of our bodies in motion
and a slight sense of thirst, which we know
will be quenched upon arrival at the springhead

As we continue along this path…
We see a clearing ahead through the trees
and slowly a small pond appears as if rising
from the heart of Mother Earth
almost as if it were an offering,
an offering to us, who are just arriving

Such a welcoming beauty and stillness to behold
as we gently sit on the hand hewn bench
placed so perfectly between the Spring and pond
sitting here, contemplating our arrival
we begin to hear raindrops
gently falling on the leaves above us
as if welcoming us to this Sacred gathering place

Recognize now the full embrace of Water
and Without…
and hear Her sing so lovingly
a song of Passion for Life in all forms

Allow yourself now to slowly dissolve…
to dissolve into this large gently swirling pool of wetness
being fed warm water from the primordial spring below
while gathering from above, the randomly falling raindrops

this warm pond of Loving Water
much like the Womb Water which held us
and sustained our tiny fragile tiny bodies
and which sustains us in all levels of our existence
Allow yourself to rest peacefully there…
knowing you are safe…
you are home…
you are loved…

As We look up…
A Dolphin appears in the rain clouds and begins to lovingly deliver a message.

Beloved Humanity…
within your Creation Stories there has always been Water
You have always been One with Water
You arrived here on Earth via the Water
You are Water Beings living a human existence

Then diving from the clouds
into the water before you
the Dolphin disappears without so much as a ripple

Let us now just feel into this moment of unity
a sense of deep serenity and completion
the serenity of feeling a tension on arrival
yet opening to receive a sense of Grace
as we willingly immerse ourselves in the pond

Immersion is how it has always been done
and perhaps it is but a moment of recognition
where codes are given and identities exchanged
then in an instant the elation of acceptance
a welcoming and an overwhelming sense of completeness


Yes, we are so much more than just the containers for water,
or water guardians,
for We exist on many levels
as We are the Water itself without separation

Gently Feel into that suggestion…
Breath into it…
and allow yourself to surrender
to being water itself
Feel your perception of separation disappear
into a thought which has no value

This circle we began as a group of individuals is now one drop of water

There is no more separation
as we are that one whole drop of water
coming together in this moment of singularity
a tiny yet powerful presence of co-creation
in a pond which flows to become a stream,
perhaps a River, the Sea or the Ocean
all the while in a continued state of evaporation
in order to gather and rain again in another part of the Planet

Rest here now with your open Hearts
and receive the Blessings that Water offers to us
we never know from whence they may come
yet each of us can remember them…
tiny fractal moments
that remind us, of so much more

So beautiful…l
So precious…
such beautiful living organisms
that without water, would not exist at all

When you are ready…
Gently feeling into our individual physical embodiment again
let us begin the journey of return
leaving the pond with a Blessing or an Offering of Gratitude
let us visit the Springhead to remind us that we too are primordial
that we are all Ancient Water Carriers

Eternally sailing the Star Waters
sometimes becoming a single drop
one tear on the cheek of an innocent child who is thirsty
and at others the raging floods which erase the footsteps
we have left behind

Yes, take a deep inhale and feel the Water
and a relaxing outbreath
and welcoming back

Take few a moments now to just settle back in and know that it has been a joy for me to be of service to you today…
I Love You – I Thank You – I Respect You

Blessings of Peace, Light and Love
Charlie Riverman Bergeron
~So Ta Ha~