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All I can say is Oh My!!!
I awoke on Friday morning early as I usually do to feel into what I might speak about on Humanity Healing by my dog staring me in the face, as if she wanted to go out. 
Nope, she must have sensed chaos in my dream-time and just wanted me out of the bed.
Whereupon she lay down in my spot and looked at me, as if to say Buzz-Off.

So the plot thickened when I went to sign onto Google Chrome on the laptop I just rebooted into Win10 after crashing only to find I was locked out of Facebook and any code they sent would not work.

Okay, no big deal I thought. I just bought new laptop in case I couldn’t fix this one and it was running fine so let’s go to plan B only to find the same response by Facebook.

Hmmm… now Facebook tells me I have tried too many attempts and will have to wait until a later time. [“#*(*&(*(“]

OK the message is to talk about Chaos, so now I opt out for the iPad which is not as familiar but it works. 

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Chaos = complete disorder and confusion
behavior so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions

The formless matter supposed to have existed before the creation of the universe
Chaos is relatively unpredictable
It happens in the moment without warning or predictable outcome
(Online Searches)

For humans this is very unnerving

So how do we find Truth in the midst of Chaos…
For most the answer is we can’t
We have to rise above it or find a focus point which is still and balanced
You could call this the attractor field in which stillness can be regained and we become the observer once again.

Visualize a tornado we are either watching it on we are caught up in it.

Life is changing constantly and as we move through the changes we experience Chaos
So we are being called to Trust in something that cannot be seen but exists within us

l ight
o vercomes
v oluminous
e xpansion

Loving ourselves from within and at a higher level brings about that Trust
Trusting ourselves brings respect
Respect places us together in a wholeness that cannot be separated by chaos

ACIM “Give Up what you do not want and keep what you do”


Not over Yet…

So with the talk show now over I realize I had not posted last week’s Talk and I proceed to catch up with all that Chaos presented me last week and was not even aware of.

I post it feeling as if I was now moving forward again and this morning when I look at it… Yikes!!!
I have the prior week’s show notes posted which do not match and finally say

OK Chaos You Got Me…

So when Chaos arises the message is … Rise Above It 
It will create uncomfortable and embarrassing moments
It can be quite humorous if you don’t fight it
And best of all it reminds us that we are still human .

Bless You All and my apologies for that incorrect post but I’m leaving it as it is and smiling because whether my words are heard or read usually they are not done at the same time.

New Moon Blessings and may this energy seek to calm the all chaos so we can focus on more important things.

Love You All