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Water and Light

Today I want you to Celebrate Water.

Because we are Water
Water and Light

When we think about today being world water day

we have to think about how each and every one of us rely on water to live in these physical bodies.

It isn’t so much the water outside of us that is most important it’s the water within us that we are.

Around the World we are all more consciously aware now of how Water has become both scarce and polluted so that humans and all life in those areas are suffering and dying.

I want to talk more about how We can deepen our conscious relationship with it.

Because what’s more important is how it serves us in being the highest self we can be.

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WAITAHA Water Prayer

Let my spirit, my deep mind travel
to the spaces in between the water patterns
Let my heartbeat echo the tinkle and bell sounds
of the water deep inside of my body
Let me hear the memories of the Gods and Goddesses
Let me hear the memories of the Angels, and Ancestors
Let me send my voice into every atom of water that is in me,
Water that is in front of me, behind me, around me, above me
Let all the forms of water hear my resonance in this time and forever 
carry my blessings and wishes
to the highest mountains, to the Heavens
Then let all the living and the dying creatures and humans
hear the sounds of the joy of creation resonating
in every sentient form in this universe and others
to be the sound that sings forever and eternal
in the mind song of Creation
(Author Unknown)

Traditionally the Waitaha Nation are a Matriarchal people who followed the philosophies of Peace known as Rongomaraeroa, the entity of Peace. Incidentally there have been no weapons of war found in the oldest archeological sites in our land of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

The Waitaha are some of our Ancestors which dwelled in South Island of New Zealand over 2000 years ago before Maori settlement and some were “known as the Starwalkers”
The Waitaha People

Which brings us to another fact that some of the water on our Planet Earth is older than our Sun and was Water which formed in our Greater Universe, gathering here as it was forming.

Water And Light
We are composed of Water and Light although we do not necessarily acknowledge that in our mass consciousness.

So Please Honor these aspects of yourselves and deepen your relationship as to how you express them.

No Water… No Life
No Light… Darkness

A simple Water Blessing anyone can do anywhere and anytime
I Love You
I Thank You
I Respect You