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As we arrive once again at the New Moon it is always a place of self-reflection for me.
An opportunity to become a bit more still and observe what I’m feeling within my human structure.

Of course the world in which we express our Beingness has many other ideas of what we are to focus on in any given moment, so we must sometimes come to an almost complete halt.

That is when we have the opportunity to allow the Flow to carry us.

Jean Tucker 2018-06-26

How many times have we been so centered in our own minds as to not notice the beauty all around us.
Our minds filled with all sorts of energetic responses which occupy and generate illusions.
All of Nature gifts us with an opportunity to come back home and tap back in to our own radiant beauty.
During this New Moon get out in your neighborhoods and find a stunning display of abundant beauty which opens your hearts.

2018-07-10  Stone.jpg

Where we all dwell in harmony and balance whether we are flowers of different colors or massive stones which have been split in two, yet have the power to attract a tree to join them in calling humans to come and be like children.

To sit and dream or share stories of the heart with their friends in a carefree innocence.

These photos represent that Flow which gives us an opportunity to become available.
Available to what, you may ask as my words flow through from some inner presence.

And that is it, exactly!
Your Divine Inner Presence.

Gifts of Renewal

May the Flow of Nature’s energy lift you and mesmerize you
May Mother Earth call out to you from within your own bloodstream
May Blessings be seen, and heard, and felt deep within your hearts

Above all else… Allowing the Flow to Carry You… is truly a renewal of the beautiful Spirit you are… desiring to be seen.

Much Peace, Light and Love
Charlie Riverman Bergeron