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Awareness and Surrender

Awareness and Surrender or should it be Surrender and Awareness…
My 76th talk  which is a 13… after a week of having a cold and sore throat which rendered me speechless the Friday before this.

So a new start and a new iMac computer to write on which I’m in the process of learning after many years of Windows.

Here are the links and the show notes are below them…

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Awareness           from Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Elinor Von Linden

As I become more aware of my inner nature, I become more aware of the spiritual vibrations of others.

As I connect to my Higher power, I become filled with His presence.
I then feel the connection with other souls.

My source is everyone’s source.

My power is everyone’s power.

My heart is everyone’s heart.

We are sourced in Divine goodness.

We are unique souls and creative goodness is our true nature.

Potential Rose

I am Awakening

My Petals softly Opening

To the warm Glistening Sun

Leaving behind

All that was said and done

I Am a Flower

With Beauty in my Soul

And Love in my Heart

My Sacred Power

Not Everyone

Will enjoy my Gifts

Nor do I need them

To Uplift

For I know what I need

To Heal

And I Am not afraid

To feel

I Shall Walk this Earth


Blessed by the Divine

I shall Be Just Fine

Mia Leventhal

Here is a link to Mia’s amazing WordPress site Kahliyalogue
Here is where her cards are sold Kahliya @ Etsy.com


Surrender …  Seraphim Zacharael           from Angel Blessings by Kimberly Marooney

“the remembrance of God”

“When you surrender, you are remembering that you are a fragment of God. Deep surrender opens the connection with your Eternal Self which is your personalized manifestation of an important aspect of God. The greatest illusion we face is that we are the small self of our everyday life. We get trapped into believing that we are the emotional baggage and images from past experiences. Be willing to surrender the ego and its collection of small-minded, critical, negative beliefs that separate you from the love of God.”

SURRENDER is not a word we feel comfortable with because we have been made to believe it is a form of failure

So first we need to just become more aware of it and sometimes that message does not come in a pleasant form.

We get sick, have an accident, the is a death or perhaps it is just that someone we love hurts us.
These are everyday messages to us in order for us to become more aware of the fine tuning we need in order to align with this Greater Self we can deny but never separate from. This aspect of God we are.

Surrendering is about tearing down walls because they only create separation and there can be no unification as long as they exist in any form..

I could go political here but I won’t… just remember that within every person there is this separation we have commonly referred to as duality and as long as we honor duality rather than unity We all Suffer.

Blessings Of Peace, Light and Love
from My Heart to Yours