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Earth Day 2022

Earth day is 52 years old today and reaches into the hearts of billions of humans to stimulate and activate their hearts.
I cannot help looking deeply into my relationship with Her and how everything came from Her ability to sustain the diversity of everything within and upon her physical body.

Wherever we are today on Mother Earth, let us both bless and celebrate all of Her life-giving aspects.

My passion is to Bless the Water and the Trees as both are sources of our survival as humans here. The trees offer us oxygen, and they unpolluted Earth and Water to sustain us all.

Let us look at all the objects we live among in our own homes and see them in their original forms before they became what they are now.

Let us think of their natural sources and what has happened to the many environments from which they came.

Let us be reminded of the greed to possess these precious resources and how many humans have died to gain rights and the financial power of ownership.

Let us research the effect that all of this has had on our physical and mental wellbeing.

Each of us is physically comprised by all of this, and we need to find ways to end this self-devastating way of living, the future generations of humanity are much less likely to flourish.

Crown Jewel of the Goddess

Stepping through the doorway
the intensity begins to shift
knowing that we have come
from beyond the stars to be
All aligning within
our hearts to join
the many who have seen
the Great Blue Jewel
we call Earth
dancing among
the shadowy halls
And raising our energy together
unblocking all the pathways
We bring forth the Goddess
to place this Jewel
once again, in her
Crown of Creation
~cRb 4.18.15

The Gift of Loving Waters is
Our Deeper relationship as Water

To wash away all that no longer is to remain permanent
To carry us downstream or spread us into new areas
In which Life is lacking or desires refreshing
Sometimes lifting us to heights where we evaporate and transform
Never fully separating but always filtering and distilling us
Re-creating new Life from the old in ways never imagined
And through this amazing and wonderful process
We become more finely attuned to our Truth and Purity.
~ Riverman