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Belonging in the Global Heart

The Global Heart allows us
to share Love with everyone

Offering us a grander view of each other
Enhancing our ability to see beyond the physical

Offering a gift of receiving messages without hearing
Teaching us to Trust what is deep within our hearts

Loving those you have never met
who share their kindness and compassion
without any fear of judgment

The Global Heart reminds us that we are never alone
and satisfies that longing to be heard and felt
from deep within and beyond our pain and suffering

We become much more able to listen
and to recognize more deeply our positive abilities
which we have to offer the world freely around us

As a Global Heart, we have a single heartbeat
aligned with Mother Earth and all life within her Divine presence
One Heart, One Breath, all of us in a Unified Field of Heart Resonance

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.27.2022
Written for Global Heart Team