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Potential - Guidance - Inspiration

I awoke this morning at 3:33 AM and I was guided to pick 3 words to talk about
Potential – an energetic frequency expressing capability

Guidance – directional assistance through advice as in preparation

Inspiration – divine influence or sacred revelation

The first message card I pulled was a Sacred Space Meditation Card by Elinor Von Linden
The card was titled Shining Star and its message was…
“As a spiritual being I know my light shines brighter than any star in the universe.”

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And so here on this day we commonly call Good Friday I embrace and share with you my sacred story and how these three simple words

and Inspiration
are not to be taken lightly but deepened into whenever your doubts and fears arise.

HU man.JPG
Let’s talk about Potential… an energetic frequency expressing capability

Basically potential is energy that is waiting to be used.

Each of us have an unlimited amount of energy waiting to be used as a resource for our conscious evolution.

What do I mean by that… We we have now crossed the threshold of great changes of both our physical and emotional experience in what we call humanity.

Human – HU is both sound and an expression of our connection to what we express in many different ways as Source or God.
Of course man when we take away the gender expression of it really means an upright mammal.
So in other words we have the ability to express ourselves as both God and physical being.
The question now arising within me on this threshold of evolutionary change is, “Which part of this being that I am, will I choose to embrace and embody in the process of actualizing my full potential.

Angelic Owls

Now let’s talk about Guidance… directional assistance through advice as in preparation

When I think of the word guidance I’m reminded of the guidance system of a spacecraft. It is somewhat about an automatic process that we rely on and trust to move us through space and time or from one place to another.
If we apply it to our human nature we think of it as having a mentor or teacher to keep us focused and aligned with what is in our best interest.

So here we are at this threshold of great change in our collective expression of humanity, feeling both somewhat lost and abandoned.

We are all seeking guidance on some level and finding that it is only the guidance that is coming through from within us that is aligning with our hearts.

It is this inner alignment that is key in our foreword evolutionary process.

The question always arises as to what do we trust and so a great process of discernment is needed in order to facilitate our potential in its most beneficial frequency.

Love Yourself

The last word of this trio is Inspiration… Divine influence or Sacred Revelation

The question now for all of us is how do we truly tune in and ignite Our Inspiration.

As I looked up those definitions and wrote them I had to immediately let go of them.

As most of our teachings express the divine and sacred as something outside of us.

Something that we are not capable of understanding except through the teachings of other humans.

My understanding of them came in what is commonly referred to as a Near Death Experience or for me My Divine and Sacred Inspiration which I returned into this physical body with.

I’m reminded every day however, that 27 years ago I died in a motorcycle accident.

I was guided by what I refer to as an Angel – to look down and see myself talking to a police officer or ambulance attendant as my body was put on a stretcher to be placed in an ambulance at the scene of the accident.

My next remembrance was that I became Peace, that I became Light and that I became Love.

That my life purpose upon my returning into my body was to anchor those energies into all living forms even if I did not understand them as living but as having energy.

All of the Inspiration over the years led me here to have these little chats with all of you.

Potential Rose.JPG

We are far more than we have been taught or been allowed to remember and now it is the time to rise within our physicality as