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Strawberry Moon

Strawberry Moon Rhythm and Flow – Show Notes 6.14.19

As we enter into the Full Moon energies of Sagittarius – The Strawberry Moon, The Oak Moon, we are being asked to say goodbye to what no longer serves our emerging Self.
Much like the butterfly emerges from the cocoon, Our transformation needs a bit of time to become stabilized in many ways.

Such a natural process seems very strange to us as humans yet we have been doing it in many ways throughout our life cycles over thousands of years. Yet it is as profoundly magical and mysterious if we so choose to embrace it.

What no longer is needed we might ask ourselves or what no longer works any more?

How are we to move forward from this newly formed awareness of Self ?

I’m sure many of you are not feeling so much like Butterfly at this moment but neither did the Caterpillar.

What we are experiencing is all part of a greater Rhythm and Flow of the Universe and even our Mother Earth is awakening into newness although Her process takes a much longer period of time.

Together we will synchronize our heart beats and once again and we will no longer be overcome by the processes we are now experiencing.

I awoke at 3:01 AM this morning for no apparent reason yet when I looked at the Angel message of that number I realized that all my efforts over the past months which were chaotic to put it mildly were drifting into the contrails of my forward movement.

301 represents an ending and new beginning, a receiving of new gifts and opportunities in alignment with our Highest Purpose and Heart’s Desires.
The energy of the number 3 influenced by 0 in alignment with 1.
Just take a moment to breathe into that.

0 is expressed as “God Force” or “Universal Energy” “Unlimitedness”
It is focusing and empowering the number 3 which represents our New Growth and Expansion.
Aligning with the number 1 which in this reading of it means our expansion into a new awareness of ourselves and everything around us.

Offering the encouragement and support of our Angels and Guides to evolve into Our future of balanced and compassionate communion within ourselves and with others.

My Guides and Angels are encouraging each of us to let go even more deeply, all of those painful experiences which have held us prisoner for so many lifetimes.

No we do not have to try to forget them now but just not feed them any more energy than perhaps a mere glance and acknowledgement of their occurrence in your timeline.

Bless them for their teachings which may have been very painful but acknowledge within yourself now that pain and suffering is not what serves your newly emerging Self.

We have a newly supported opportunity to feel safe and on the right pathway.

Consider the path of:
There is a need to see things as they are and not as you want them to be, or as others want you to see them.
Helix Nebula

Sacred Space Meditation Cards – Elinor Von Linden

The great spirit of Universal Wisdom fills my soul. As I accept the insight and knowledge, I realize my unique potential.

17 Star.jpg

Affirmations For The Everyday Goddess
17. Star
The Star represents the universe (God) in all its mystery and evolutionary potential. You are invited to be a part of the mystery of evolutionary consciousness by uniting your guiding principles of contemplative wisdom with the active use of your will. here you have gone to the source of formless energy (God) and the hidden vastness within yourself. You have understood the ecstatic, infinite awareness and intelligence of creation.

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