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Respect and Power

Friday 8.2.19 – RESPECT AND POWER 

Our True Power is always Respectful and Respectable.

The past week has been a prelude to the next few weeks which will be an amazing time for each of us to tap into ourselves at much deeper levels than We have been able to for many lifetimes.

The energies from Mother Gaia’s Galactic alignments will support all of our efforts take a deeper look and allow us opportunities to release many negative experiences which have only served to confirm We were powerless.

As I look around the 3D world of our physicality the old patterns are rising I us all and showing up in disrespectful patterns of behavior.
Most of us are unaware of what we might be re-creating but they are showing up for us to stop and find the root causes within ourselves and through forgiveness release them in both ourselves and in those with whom these actions are entangled.

Today’s Cards…

As I write this I’m amazed that the first card I pulled this morning was a Life Card from Rev. Susan Collins …
Card Number 13 which shows the words Respect and Dominate in opposition.
Respect – Best effort actions are enough
Dominate – Restrictive force limits growth in the whole system

Looking up the number
13 in ANGEL NUMBERS – Joanne Sacred Scribes

Angel Number 13 is a message from your angels that some upheavals may take place in your life. This is happening for karmic reasons and will break new ground for you that will bring about new opportunities for you to grow spiritually. The angels ask that you adapt to changes gracefully.”

The next card was a surprise from Angel Blessings by Kimberly Marooney

Number 31 or 13 backwards if you will…

It is the Seraphim Card of Sandalphon – POWER
Love is the key to all knowledge, wisdom and power.
Dwell deep in this love, and you will see as God sees.
Christ in You

“Sandalphon is a great angel prince.”
The overseer of “strength, abundance, beauty and joy of living.”

Sandalphon will assist in gaining both Wisdom and Self-forgiveness which is so desperately need by us all right no. Myself included.

The “Old Boy” network of power no longer works and each of us carry the scars of its unrelenting disrespectful and abusive methods of control.

So here We are, on the threshold of the New Earth as many refer to it.
Yet it is more about the New You and the many children who are watching us right now with new eyes and abilities to see through it all.

From the Sacred Space Meditation Cards
I Am Protected
The Angel of Light protects and guides me along my worldly path. I am never alone.


Amidst all Darkness

Remember who You Are

Even as there will be those

Who will not see your Light

Remember who You Are

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 8.2.19