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Agitation and Renewal

Here We are entering October and the weather changes once again no matter where we are on this planet. So too the changes are happening within us as well and they bring up this morning’s Presence Of Light Talk’s subject – Agitation and Renewal 

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Show Notes for Agitation and Renewal 10.4.19

As We gather here today… We hold and uphold each other and ask the Eternal Creator… May our beloved earth family allow their Higher Self to lead them through the Inner Cosmos to those most Sacred Sites within their own Hearts.

All of us are traveling through a time warp of renewal and most are feeling some sort of agitation as we move through the fields of resistance.

I’m reminded of a childhood toy call the View Master where one of my favorite subjects was Outer Space and one in particular about the Asteroid Belt.

It was fascinating to imagine traveling through this field of large rocks and not being hit by them or occasionally landing on one and feeling its lack of concern for anything except its constant forward movement.

As I think about that now I realize how cold and disconcerting it felt and how alone I felt.

Perhaps right now we may be feeling a bit like that in our daily lives as we see that cold and indifferent energy playing out across this beautiful planet we call home.

What does that bring up??? For me it is agitation.
We begin to express our energy in ways that are not aligned but fragmented.
Much like an asteroid belt with its dark and sharp edged objects which obstruct linear passage through them.

We have to weave and dodge our way through it all and sometimes stop to rest on the larger ones because we are weakened, by the loss of our forward vision and our exertion of so much energy for such little gain.

Let us rest a moment here and tap into this Sacred Space Meditation Card by Elinor Von Linden

The light of my spirit glows with His love; everything is one in this light.

So here we are in the middle of our journey and present in this not too welcoming environment.
Yet there is Light all around us which helps us to see where we truly are.

Without that Light our exhaustion can lead to our feeling helpless, lost and angry
All of which are Agitation which can express itself in hundreds of forms just like the asteroids.

Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild


You are a highly creative being with the potential to help raise the vibration of consciousness on this planet through your creative projects, work, dreams and hobbies. The power of collaboration, choosing to work with others in joint projects, allows for synergy to occur where you can grow stronger and become more than the sum of your individual parts, calling in great cosmic assistance and potency! You are guided to remain open to other Souls joining forces with you. Just like the Sisters of the Sun Rising that bring great energy to help humanity through their group endeavors, when you allow for aligned group effort, much that is wonderful can occur.

Let us all begin to feel ourselves receiving Divine Light right now…
Take a nice deep breath…
Envision yourself being held in the arms of someone who deeply adores you
knowing that you are safe and warm
an intense wave of Peace wraps itself around you
allowing you to forget everything else that is outside of this

Everything around you is Peace and Light
You are now deeply connected to everything around you
Renewing yourselves in ways that you have no words for

Relax into that sensation of blissfulness
inhale it and exhale it knowing that you are
both feeling this and you are this Divine Light

– Charlie Riverman Bergeron