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Separation - Reparation

Merriam Webster Definition of reparation

1a : a repairing or keeping in repair
b reparations plural : repairs
2a : the act of making amends, offering expiation, or giving satisfaction for a wrong or injury
b: something done or given as amends or satisfaction

Let Us All take another look at those we feel have injured us and the damage that has been done to us over our lifetimes.

It surely becomes highly visible where Our introduction to separation began to create a pattern of  self-destruction.

This behavioral pattern can be reset and balanced through the awareness of Our True Wholeness.

That aspect of Self which has no boundaries, no exceptions nor any interference that cannot be overcome.

Take all the time you need to accomplish this shift in consciousness and know that each of you are being loved and supported in doing this.

You are being assisted by Angels of Peace

Charlie Riverman Bergeron ‎
May ‎20, ‎2019
Dec 04, 2019