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Christmas Blessings of Light and Love to each of you
as We embrace this Season of Light

May it hopefully leads us, like the Stars led the Magi through the darkness of their  misunderstandings, to receiving Life-changing Light.

What appears to be clear in our visioning is often an envelope filled with possibilities.
What appears from our memory has already delivered us into the present moment.
It’s purpose has been fulfilled.

In the picture above you read…
“There are no real misunderstandings, only moments of our own cloudiness hiding reality from view.”
as it is placed in the sky above a quiet ocean and a serene piece of land and beach with rolling clouds in the distance.

Let Our focus be called from the sky, to the horizon which becomes the line of demarcation.

What would our lives be like if We chose to see the land as our past and sky as our future. Knowing that in paying attention to the faster rhythm of the Sky, we can trust that whatever is blocking our view (the clouds) will move away.

The Magi knew that the land would tell the story of what has always been based on its slower movement. It was an anchor of pain and suffering recorded over time.

The sky especially in the dark of night would reveal the Light to follow and that the clouds were only temporary.
If patient and steadfast, even the clouds could not hide the True Light they sought from them forever and their long journey would continue.

Herein lies the message of Adjusting Focus…
As we move through the rest of our days here on Earth
May We Focus on all that is ahead of us in Light rather than what is behind us in darkness.
May We Focus on finding shelter in our Hearts which is aligned with Light not clouds or illusions
May We Focus on Peace, Light and Love above all of our daily duties and bring forth A New Earth

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.24.19