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The last day of 2019 has reminded me that the only posturing and posing of 2020 needs to be a balancing and alignment with Our True Self…

The doors of our future have been opened and removed from their hinges.
They will remain open so that we may look into every room we have ever traveled through and open the windows to let in fresh air and light.

We are being presented with an opportunity to experience Life on levels that are now only dreamed about.
Listen carefully to your Inner Voice and those who wish to guide you. Seek to Love yourself more and resist those who wish to take your love and use it for their own purposes.

2020 is about re-balancing ourselves from within.. so let us look at all that no longer serves our higher sense of purpose and gently say goodbye to them. We are not as emotionally damaged as we have felt or been told by others.

It was all necessary in order to now move into the Higher Realms of Our Truth

So may any posing or posturing you do in 2020 be only for your glorious health and welfare as an act of Love to who You truly are.

May each moment Be A Blessing as We clean out the cobwebs and dust of weariness, from lifetimes of not being able to fully express our Full Glory.
And… Please take good care of those vehicles we call bodies so that your Divine Presence can be seen by All.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 12.31.19
…Photos by Nancy Yoga whose skills and dedication to Yoga got this 70 year old body to listen and respond very deeply to its desire for well-being.