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Response Ability

SHOW NOTES: Response Ability & Separation

Good Morning World it is time to get up and move into the whatever is arising in front of you.

Lately, as the Collective of Humanity, we have been moving through some very unpleasant emotional experiences.

We are also, as a Whole Planet, suffering much pain and an inability to respond to all that is being presented at a more rapid pace than ever before.

So… what does it mean for us as individuals as we experience it.

The word Response is an action word… to Reply or React
It can be positive or negative depending on what we are responding to and how we are perceiving any given situation.

In thinking about this it is really about Choices…
Choosing how to respond to any given situation.

What we see in the world right now creates great confusion both around us and within us… and many are left with the thought of being powerless.

We are not powerless nor are we to accept suffering and pain as an enemy to be fought.

Our ability to respond is as much an internal process as an external one and many times more important.

We are connected to each other and all living creatures throughout the Universe…
no matter how large, small or dangerous.
The first card today is from
The Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Elinor Von Linden

This card speaks of the awe and wonder of the Universe being within each and every one of us as well as all life forms.

“The awe and wonder of the Universe is within me and connects me with all living creatures.”


A fundamental truth of the Universe is that we are pure energy
As the Universe expands , my heart expands.
I open my heart and mind and feel the connecting force.
We are a divine family and love binds us together.”

our non-belief in separation and lack of power
Which fuel our inability to effectively respond to any crisis.

…SEPARATION is the active agent in creating confusion and disharmony.

We don’t necessarily choose separation as it is a natural part of our duality. Yet when we do it becomes a force of control.
In a constant natural movement of positive and negative energies they are always in opposition yet in relationship to each other .

What is needed is to bring it into a harmonic balance.

My next card is an Angel Blessing Card
from Kimberly Marooney – The Angel Charmiene

Charmiene is an Angel of what she calls Mother’s Angels
who brings forth Harmony and Balance as well.

She is the reminder that we need to end the powerlessness we feel
through separation and denial.

Angel Charmiene wraps a deep feeling of harmony around you

like a blanket of love from the Mother. The tremendous healing of this

gentle embrace is based on self-love and acceptance.

Total acceptance and a feeling of worth allow even the most troubled soul

to release feelings of pain and anguish. Think of a time when your inner pain

was more than you could bear. Perhaps you held it in until loving acceptance

helped you feel safe enough to let it go as you sobbed like a baby in

someone’s arms.

Denial causes a separation in your consciousness, pushing parts of yourself

that are not accepted into consciousness. Commit yourself to end this denial,

and be willing to love those unacceptable parts that have become

your emotional baggage. Then from the depths of your heart, opportunities

will arise in the form of unpleasant reflections of yourself in the behaviors of others.

When you can accept the crisis and pain as an opportunity for change and growth,

your work will have begun.


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