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As I began to do this talk on Humanity Healing there was a new system to Go Live and in the process the show ended up on my own facebook page.  I found it funny that it exemplified how our awareness can be challenged by many different aspects of life.

So below find these wonderful messages which I chose to read into the field of Awareness.

Awareness Show Notes 2.28.20

Awareness is the ability to directly know and perceive, to feel, or to be cognizant of events. More broadly, it is the state of being conscious of something. Another definition describes it as a state wherein a subject is aware of some information when that information is directly available to bring to bear in the direction of a wide range of behavioral actions. -Wikipedia


How do you go about finding anything? By keeping your mind and heart on it. Interest there must be and steady remembrance. To remember what needs to be remembered is the secret of success. You come to it through earnestness.” ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj


Prayer for Awareness by Don Miguel Ruiz

Today, Creator of the Universe, we ask that you open our heart and open our eyes so we can enjoy all of your creations and live in eternal love with you. Help us to see you in everything we perceive with our eyes, with our ears, with our heart, with all our senses.

Let us perceive with eyes of love so that we find you wherever we go and see you in everything you create. Let us see you in every cell of our body, in every emotion of our mind, in every dream, in every flower, in every person we meet. You cannot hide from us because you are everywhere, and we are one with you.

Let us be aware of this truth. Let us be aware of our power to create a dream of heaven where everything is possible. Help us to use our imagination to guide the dream of our life, the magic of our creation, so we can live without fear, without anger, without jealousy, without envy. Give us a light to follow, and let today be the day that our search for love and happiness is over. Today let something extraordinary happen that will change our life forever: Let everything we do and say be an expression of the beauty in our heart, always based on love.

Help us to be the way you are, to love the way you love, to share the way you share, to create a masterpiece of beauty and love, the same way that all of your creations are masterpieces of beauty and love. Beginning today and gradually over time, help us to increase the power of our love so that we may create a masterpiece of art – our own life. Today, Creator, we give you all of our gratitude and love because you have given us Life.



With the all-encompassing Attention, the being is present … “here and now”,

All the senses are awake – Harmony is inherent;

I am “One” with Life – a potential wholeness.

Like a burning flame, fueling itself,

I solve everything I encounter! I don’t postpone it for another time!

In such a state, there are no problems, no conflicts;

in movement , they are all resolved, if encountered perfectly.

Intelligence and Love appear endlessly, through silence.

The Sacred within us demands it constantly

That we create a climate of peace, effortlessly,

Through this blissful encounter and perfect integration.

When the whole being is awake and completely independent,

When the limited “self” is absent, we are essentially being,

one” with the Divine – a Sacred creative force,

Help for the entire world, through our integration.

– Ilie Ciora

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