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As I embrace and prepare to say good-nite to my 71st trip around the Sun in this physical vehicle… I pause to reflect on the many moments of both Joy and Pain that are still repeating themselves within many new forms.

Teaching me that each of us are always connected within them by the frequencies of many deep and indestructible waves, of Peace, Light and Love.

It is within these waves that WE are truly free to choose and to change all that no longer serves the Greater Whole and to set them free forever.

The world around us is reflecting what is going on within us and its unpleasantness cannot be hidden any longer.

We have come around the corner of the Stone where there is no place to escape, lest We face Our Most Precious Self before moving forward.

Ultimately it is through Gratitude and Respect that We are bound to the Greater Fields of Existence which are becoming revealed to us.

It is Our Choice now to embrace it All in spite of our fears or to remain in place and wonder what it might be like.

The Waves of Peace, Light and Love are always flowing, however our challenge remains,

“Will you step into the Water Of Living Presence and let go of all your fears?”

~ Riverman 3.10.2020