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Universal Awakening 313

Universal Awakening 313

Today’s talk was inspired by three cards I pulled this morning and today being the first Friday the 13th of 2020.

The Angel number 313 reminds us to be positive and loving and trust that we are being guided by energy from Angelic and Spiritual realms.

313 is about moving forward and letting go of anything that no longer resonates with that movement in your life.

Especially now that so much chaos is present in the many conflicting structures of our faltering paradigm.
I use the word paradigm as it refers to how we have mentally constructed so many beliefs and rules which are not in alignment or supported by the Spiritual realms of Mother Earth.

The Spiritual Nature of our Planet which has given us life and allowed our development now responding to our behavior on Her surface and the damages to Her internal structure.
Some of which we might think in human terms of as Internal Organs.

The first message from Soul Inspirations Message Cards by Kahliya is…

Open to the Grandeur of the Universe Beyond The Limit of what it Seems”

So let us take a moment to relax and focus on our breath… inhaling and exhaling peacefully.
Allowing the Elements of Air and Water flow with Ease and Grace as I introduce the second card I pulled from the Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Elinor Von Linden.

Spirit Guides
I am guided by many spiritual companions: they quietly lead me on my life’s journey.

Last week’s talk was ‘Gifts of the Spirit’ and as we move forward there will be a greater awareness of Spirits and Elementals who will be working on behalf of Mother Earth and us as we come back into alignment.

The Affirmations express that we are not alone on this journey…
That the Spirits walk alongside us as guides and protectors…

For most it will be a silent communication yet recognized by synchronicity

in direct connection with Our Divine Mother and the Elementals who are not only dwelling in this their Planetary Expression but in the Higher Realms and Dimensions.

As I looked for another messenger my eye was drawn to the Angel Blessings Deck by Kimberly Marooney and the Angel Remliel which was easily pulled and is one of the Mother’s Angels.

Remliel represents Awakening

The very first words of the reading is SLEEPERS AWAKE!

The essence of what we all seek is Divine Love and Freedom from pain and suffering.”

Remliel is the Awakener who clarifies what is Light and what is Illusion.

WE are now awakening to the multiple levels of Our Divine Self at a pace which is just a little beyond our conscious ability to comprehend.

Awareness and Enlightenment is rapidly altering our human ability to slip into denial and remain powerless.

Many things We could not see or feel before are becoming less frightful and We are allowing them to slip into the jet stream behind us.

The word Revelation is not one where what is revealed will harm us… but allow us to rebuild our Etheric as well as Our Physical Structures to align perfectly with the Divine Plan of Creation.

All which does not align will be left behind encouraging us all the the more to not just listen but act upon the Spirit Guidance We Receive and We Trust through Our Heart.

Letting go of the mind chatter, which is now becoming more fragmented and distorted as New Energies no longer support it.

We will emerge from all this into Our Light and our mental processes will adapt, even if reluctantly to the New Presence each of us will represent,
“with a crystal clear, intense awareness… that penetrates all details of Creation”

(A Handbook of Angels p 159)


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