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World Water Day 2020

Once again we are reminded of the most precious Element of Life on Planet Earth…WATER.

Just think about what is happening right now in the world as we embrace this current virus. Yes, I said embrace.

Perhaps the virus is the only way we will completely begin to understand how much damage we have caused, to All Life over the past couple of hundred years.

WATER is playing a bigger role in this as we are told to wash and clean everything. People are frightened and hoarding water in fear of their not having access to clean water.

Yet in all of this, the message does not seem to get through to everyone, that We as a collective have created all of this.

It is not just one country or group but all of us thinking that there is no end to our wanting and receiving material wealth regardless of the environmental cost and loss of All Natural Life.

WATER will remind us that our thirst for all that we have created will kill us as much we have polluted and depleted the Planet’s Water supplies.

Our hunger and greed for more of everything material will exceed the capacity of Earth’s ability to host Our Presence here.

So let us return to honoring the All of the Waters of Mother Earth and find ways to stop the corporations from owning the rights to it and profiting by their pollution of public waters, along with privately owning the sacred sources of our drinking water.

This is not a simple process anymore, as we need to address it as a full scale War in which All Life is now threatened more by this than the now current virus.

I ask that each of you who read this begin by Blessing the Water within your own bodies.

No matter what religion or spiritual practice you follow… each of us can create a Blessing which when spoken to the Water within us will begin a change it’s structure.

Remember that on a molecular level 99% of our bodies are Water.

The simplest one was given to us by Dr Masaru Emoto whose studies have shown that thoughts and vibrations can affect the structure of Water.

I Love You

I Thank You

I Respect You

Are three offerings when said in sincerity from your hearts actually invite Water to respond to your sincerity and desires. In the same moment connecting all the molecules of Water within you in a bond of unified resonance with All Water.

It is time now for all of us to take another look as well at how We are wasting Water as more Watersheds are becoming polluted by the neglect of corporations who are aware of what they are doing, lobby their governments for less restrictions and are having them granted in return for political funding and contributions.

This is the human corruption which has led us all to this global crisis and it is time to wake up from the lullaby, that our leaders have sung to us for so long in order to profit materially and wall themselves off from the public society they have taken oaths to uphold.

Today’s message from me is not written in anger nor is it in anyway to demean anyone. It is just meant to ask each of you who may read it to take a deeper look into your own hearts.

Within your Hearts, the Water flows as life giving blood and it is time to make a New Commitment Yourself, to Humanity and to Mother Earth.

I Love You

I Thank You

I Respect You

May this Blessing reach into every molecule of Water within You and co-create in you the positive alignments which awaken you all to the seriousness of Water and Watersheds around the World.

The time has come to act and speak out in whatever way that brings us back into alignment with Water.

May You act and speak with Love and Compassion in a strong and unwavering voice.

I Am You and together We Are Unity

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.22.2020