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Light of Our Solar Presence

The Light of Our Solar Presence
shines without interruption… it is the Central Connection
through which We have found our way here
and cannot be controlled by any creation within its field of resonance.
~ Riverman 3.23.20

The fear that exists within you now is created through the manipulation of our immediate surroundings. Yet We are never separated from each other or Our Source, no matter what you have been told.

Our survival is not predicated on our ability to create more fear or surrender to it, but to overcome it and shine Our Light into the fields of distortion created by the constant programming of the human mind.

Much like the clouds as they create a screen through which the Light cannot be seen. The Sun still sends its Energy to all Life on Our Planet yet it is filtered by the clouds.

Do not allow the filtering of information to distort the Truth you feel in your hearts. For that is a greater epidemic than you can imagine at this point in our evolution.

Our Evolution is more important than the discomfort which during these times is very disturbing to our balancing of energies.

Be Well in your Hearts and embrace the Sun as much as possible, allowing yourself to let go and become the Energy you feel streaming into your physicality.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.23.20