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Resurrection Of Light



Sacred Space Meditation Cards – Elinor Von Linden

I Am Protected
The Angel of Light protects and guides me along my worldly path. I Am never alone.

Let go of all worries and relax.
Feel Light creating a safe place all around you
Know that your Angels of Light are waiting to respond to you everywhere you go.
Who Are WE?

In our purest wholeness we are creators.
We actually create through our hearts not our minds…

Rene Descartes of the 17th century said “I think, therefore I am”
and was influential in laying the foundation of rationalism.

How is your rational thinking doing right now with the affairs of the world such as a pandemic.

What is rational to the mind is not always rational to the Heart.

Yet when you rewrite those words to say
“I Am, therefore I think”
there is a gentle switching of focus that reminds us that our minds struggle to fully understand who we are.

The thinking mind then creates thoughts which justify it illusions and manifest them to prove it is supreme.

It is time to come back into our hearts and focus on what I call the Heart-Mind which reveals the
Distortion of Power and Greed that comes from thinking that are entitled to rule over others.

It is a very old story that is ending and the pandemic is forcing us to face this demon logic.

Where We have become so enamored by our thinking to the point where it has justified the destruction of the natural world around us and finally our human selves through the distortion of power and greed.

Now we are facing a pandemic that would not have happened as it has, without human interference, taxing our abilities to remain calm or balanced.

Yet if we remember who WE truly are there comes a realization of more options than we can see at first. So I urge all you to seek deep within your Hearts for all answers.

GABRIEL – Resurrection – Angel Blessings from Kimberly Marooney

Gabriel is the archangel of resurrection. The voice of God and bringer of good news. Gabriel is now ready to resurrect or “bring back to life again” all of which appears dead, both around us and within us.

Our Hearts are where this illumination Light of will flow into first, for that is where the Spirit dwells.

This will disturb the mind at first for it has held power over us for so long.

The increase of Light pouring will build until it cleanses the body and reveals that the mind has the ability to receive and send information but not heal or resurrect anything spiritually.

It is through the “White-Fire Body”, composed of “pure electronic light and is your reservoir of divine love, Wisdom and power” that all will be changed.

You may fear this at first however, I suspect you are all feeling it at some level right now.

As you can see the Current Virus is running through Lent and Easter is the celebration of Jesus’ Resurrection.

I do not presume this to be coincidence and encourage you to use this time to tap into your truth and let go with Gabriel’s assistance…all of which is contrary to your Rising in Love from your newly awakening Heart.

It is from here will will co-create the healing patterns of the Collective Human Energy Field.


Tai Chi Rising – Kuan Yin Oracle – Alana Fairchild

Your energy filed is growing stranger, with more spiritual electricity pulsing through you being. Take time to nourish your nervous system as it adjusts and be gentle with yourself as you adjust to increasing levels of spiritual potency, which gives more impact to your words, actions and thoughts.”

You have a special light within you and the elegance, beauty

and refinement of that light wishes to express itself more potently in the world of forms

so that others may receive healing and refine their light too.

You can help teach others about the power of gentleness, that force is not required and that kindness can be the most healing and powerful balm of all.

It is like having a bigger light globe through which to shine your light, so that it is more visible.”

Allow yourself to reflect that Light Energy from your Hearts and know that Kuan Yin will guide you into a more compassionate relationship with all of Life.

As we end our visit with each other let us close our eyes and breath softly…

Beloved bothers and sisters it is through compassion and mercy that we are held within the Light of Love.

Allow it to gather and flow with great ease as we move through these times of dramatic change.

Remember that each of us are accepting all of which we are, without fear, without hesitation and joining with one another as One Unified Presence of Light which cannot ever be defeated.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.20.20