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Sunrise 3.25.20

There are moments when we are “caught between a rock and a hard place”, as the old saying expresses.

This morning ‘s sunrise, as  I looked out of my bedroom window was this fiery sky, which in a matter of minutes went from a deeper red to this color and then vanished, revealing a very soft blue-gray cloudiness.

This is the essence of transformation which all of us are experiencing during our dance with the C19 virus. One minute we are overwhelmed and the next becoming clearer.

The Element Fire is very necessary right now for all of us to embrace and learn more about as it completely changes everything that we have held on to, as solid, deeply rooted, and unmovable in our consciousness.

We have recently witnessed the fires around the world which have left rich and diverse parts of our physical planet in charred ruins, stressing all of the life forms dwelling there and killing many.

Our hearts are heavy with that remembrance and yet as that ends we are faced as humans with a fire of equal proportion, specifically aligned to cause the same havoc within our physical bodies.

Transformation is not always a gentle process but a necessary one, in which we re-evaluate who we are and what we are creating, in order to bring about something new and aligned within our evolution.
It can be very painful yet we will move through it and at some point be able to look back at it without the anxiety and fearfulness we express while witnessing it all around us.

Let us now take whatever measures are necessary to embrace this opportunity, to let go of all the old traumas and negative memories. Seeing them as no longer necessary in our living journey and offering them to the Fire.
To be burned away so we can create and allow an empty space in which to plant better ways of existing together, as one amazingly beneficial species … Humankind.

A New Humanity in which co-operation and less judgment are prevalent.
Where each of us look for the goodness in each other and embrace and encourage it to flow freely and effortlessly.

Each of us right now have the capacity to be the Phoenix rising from the ashes and are truly being called to do so.

For it is in the Peace, Light and Love
that each of us have pushed aside
for material wealth and desire
that WE move through the Fire and Rise

Blessings to each of you as you move through the fire and smoke
Remember who you are as a Source Of Unconditional Love – S O U L
Know that your Presence of Heart is all that is needed
And We Will Rise As ONE Unified Field of Consciousness

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.25.20