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New Moon Snow

The New Moon arrived at 5:28AM here on the Southwest Coast of Maine along with a heavy wet snow which remained clinging to the tree branches as the Sun appeared.

A reminder of nature’s ability to ignore all that humanity has accomplished or destroyed during it’s existence here.

The York River seen through the trees is very calm and it’s shoreline peacefully accepts the wet snow it will assist in returning to Mother Ocean.

Yet We as humans all around the world are experiencing a blanket of fear not snow, the scale of which is unprecedented in our recorded history.

The New Moon offers us a new beginning, a new cycle, a new opportunity to recalibrate all of our living skills. Especially how We interface with fearful thoughts and their energetic disturbance to our physical bodies.

Look at the photograph again and feel the peaceful orderliness of the natural world around us. Even in spite of all that has happen to it, it has no fearful energy.
It flows without trying to grasp at life or to hoard the elemental abundance which supports it.

Allow this New Moon to show you where you are needing more self awareness, more courage or what no longer serves your creativity.

May your self awareness locate all those places within you that are stressed by fear. Where fight, flight or freeze shuts down our abilities to think rationally and breathe properly.
Where anxiety and depression arise from, to hold us prisoners within our physical and emotional bodies.
Where our choices are scattered, diminished, out of reach or even frozen and useless.

May your courage begin to return at double the rate of the fear you release. To allow you to return into your Fullness Of Presence which triggers your Divine Self to Create an abundance of positive energy.

With this New Energy surging through every molecule of water in your physical body, you become like the River which is not held back by a dam.  Flowing freely to carry along and nourish everything that enters into its path.

Over rocks, through deep winding channels, never ceasing to bring life to all that come within its field of resonance.

Each of you are Rivers of Life and capable of amazing influence if you can let go of your relationship with fear.
It has always been your only limitation and the time is now to release it back into the dark spaces of the Ether where it has been drawn down to limit you.

You All Are Unlimited Beings and the time has arrived to acknowledge and be seen as such.

New Moon Blessing To ALL
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.24.20