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2020-03-30 11.47.24

The North Atlantic Ocean has a tradition of reminding us that when the storms roll through, the gentle waves become white caps.

Last night there was a wonderful display of Thunder and Lightning rolling across the landscape, to disappear somewhere out in the vast ocean. Reminding me that all of the storms we are facing now, will also diminish and leave only their damage and telltale waves of passing through.

The Stormy Sea of this current virus, of which I refuse to speak its name, has rendered us all limited in our daily journeys. Filling us with apprehension and questioning which may take many years to be resolved.

However it is the moment to moment realizations, of  the simple things we have taken for granted, that begin to play in our minds to either make us more grateful or agitated.

It is a time of real deep self-reflection, in which we might find where we lost our sense of value, or perhaps for some the moment of its super inflation.

How long have we been taking for granted so many simple everyday products or the energy exchange we have with others, that we may not even know by name.

It is now a world of Either/Or and not one of being comfortably numb anymore.

Let us now look again at the Oceans of the World, which have witnessed the whole evolution of humanity…
They still remain the same in their power to carry on, in spite of the severity of the storms which destabilize them.
Never surrendering, always flowing and enduring everything that is cast their way.

So too are we able to do the same…
We are resilient and consciously aware, in order to survive all that Life has to bring upon us.
We are endowed with not only our minds to perceive and create newness for the benefit of all, but also to bring  to those who are suffering, great messages of hope.

So as the Stormy Sea within you rises and falls, be gentle and kind to everyone.
We know not their story, yet we are all scattered along the pages of this one.

One Love… One Heart
Charlie Riverman Bergeron 3.30.20