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ACIM - Truth T,150

Let us tap into the Perfect Truth which exists beyond all Illusions.

The wordless and speechless Beingness of Self in its perfect formlessness. ~ Riverman


This message from A Course In Miracles reminds us that our human perception is limited at best and can be easily deceived or programmed.

The concept of separation is an illusion which conditions us to seek a more individual and self serving attitude towards all of life.

We are now experiencing a collective separation in which we can actually begin to reflect on what is arising from deep within us.

Seek to be still during this Evening of forced isolation and allow your True Inner Self to arise and confront you.  In order that you may begin to see where you have been mislead and what is needed now to let go of.

We are being Blessed yet it cannot be seen or felt until we observe our external relationships and recognize the falsity in it all.

Bless You All and may your Truth shine forth and heal you.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.15.20