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April 1st and one more snow storm reminds us that our  personal agendas are never as important as those of Nature.

It has been a while since the last posting of my messages which I gather and send out into the world as they arrive into my forever busy human mind.

So without further ado let us quietly reflect on what resonates…
There is always a ‘Time To Go’ and we know in our hearts when it is. The boat ride of our journey has come into port, perhaps from which it left. To re-sail on it might be very comfortable but no longer serves us.
We need to catch the next ship before it sails without us and we have to spend a great amount energy and frustration to catch up to it.

Let there be Light in Balance
as we align today
within our hearts and without

Trust in yourself and know that we are no longer here to fix everything. Some things have to crumble and fail before the new can be rebuilt. Just send it all your Love and Light and stand in that energy. It is our last refuge from the chaos in which we will re-calibrate.

As we recalibrate, our stillness is the Jewel of the Lotus which initiates our conscious and physical evolution.
Each of us have been trained to accomplish by doing and yet it is in the not doing that our energy is firstly manifested and is in its purest form.

How wonderful it is when we can take a moment to recognize a plateau in our ascension process. The key is to take a moment for self appreciation. Trust yourself and allow your inner wisdom to bathe you in its Light.

Let us take a moment to honor the many ways we are recalibrating by Knowing that we are never alone during this process. Our releasing and cleaning of ancestral energy allows us to reshape our existence through Grace and Love.


Communication with Consciousness is not heard with your ears but listened to through your Heart

Let us be aware that our integrity is what brings us through challenges and perceived difficulty.  Our alignment to that Inner Core of Self is the source of our Transformational Energy.
Beginning and End are but commas in the sentence of Life,
Chaos and Confusion are only the result of not being centered in your Heart.

Each of us have illusions of ourselves which need to be eradicated. Some are genetic, some ancestral karmic messages and some we created to protect ourselves.

To be naked in front of the mirror and each other is a powerfully empowering moment in the reclamation of our sovereignty, the acclimation of our new energies and an acclamation of who we truly are.

Cord cutting can be a beginning to our freedom yet we must remember to find the root and remove it. The Elementals tell me we also need to find where the inner attachment is as well and surgically remove the roots.

They will assist us for this is their dimension and it requires listening closely as it is very dark and your work must be done with precision.

Our memories are always available. Which ones we choose to keep are the ones attached to the Heart.

Those that do not, need to be released and forgiven

Within you is a Truth that remains
long after the raging fires are no longer visible…
I have done nothing to deserve this
I Am as innocent as the day before it all began
the Source Of Unconditional Love is within me
I will bring it forth now


The Gift is Love – Love is the Gift…

Without distinction – there is no separation

Blessing of Peace, Light and Love to each of you as we enter the 2nd Quarter of our calendar year.
May You be Present in all of your words and actions
May You be Unified within your hearts and bodies
May You be Amazing

– Riverman