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Light Always Returns


Light Always Shines
Return of the Sun

Good morning… Beltane Blessings, Happy May Day or in much simpler terms let us embrace today as a Return of the Sun.

Ancient holidays are better called holy days. Simply because they were held in deep reverence and aligned with the natural world around us including our Sun and stars in the sky.

Long before time was divided into numbers and our lives became aligned with numerical patterns rather than a natural patterns.

How strange life becomes when we erase from memory the old ways, the ways of our ancestors, the ways of our natural evolution.

I invite you to take the journey with me today.

Let us leave behind our world of computers, our world of social distancing, the misunderstandings and perversion through which the entire population of our beloved planet has been now held as prisoners of fear.

May we take a deep breath in through our noses, exhaling as our dry mouth feels the water congregating on our tongues, as our breath re-enters the atmosphere around us.

Ancient celebrations were all about life, all about the patterns of life that everyone observed with awe.

A Powerful Presence which could only be respected for its Living Energy.

Let’s just rest here for a moment and notice on this ancient day of celebration, we can remember the natural patterns of life as a gift or a loss.

It’s a balanced day, a day in which we can look behind us at darkness or look forward into the new light.

I say New Light because light is always traveling towards us, light is always inviting us to dance. Whether it be around a Maypole, or a fire it is the dance of the circle of life.

No Sun, no Light, no Life.

It reminds me of our past celebrations of World Water Day and Earth Day where we gathered in our hearts, in a more modern way, yet still practicing ancestral ways in order to reconnect, to remember phrases like

no Water no Life

no Earth no Life

So today let us embrace each other as the returning Sun, the returning Light that brings warmth and powerful positive energy.

Not only to each other listening to this moment but to everyone, free of charge. As it was in the beginning, Is now, when you clear way all of the darkness and ever shall be when we align our hearts with our Truthful Memory.

Not the falsehood that has been layered and written over the truth.

Let us dance in circles showing our beautiful colors, a beautiful deep and rich spectrum of powerful presence that cannot be separated from us by virus or technology.

We are the Children of Light

We are the Dancers of the New Dawn

We activate Love and Grace

We are the Shining Stars celebrating Life.

I am complete

Charlie Riverman Bergeron

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