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Light And Ressurection


Light and Resurrection

As most of you are aware by now I don’t wake up in the morning with any big idea of what my talks will be about. I know that my Guides will present me with exactly what needs to be done.

So with that said…

Good morning everyone and hopefully I find you doing well during this global crisis which tends to wear us down as it draws itself out in time.

Today’s message comes to me as I vision a resurrection of humanity. One in which everyone is now being subjected to the unexpected crisis of global suffering.

Whether we know someone personally or only hear of it through our news media we are all experiencing the dilemma of illness and separation.

I see this as an opportunity for each of us to look within our own hearts and really question everything.

When I began to think about my talk this morning I was led to the an invocation from Patricia Cota-Robles appropriately named – Invoking The Resurrection Flame.

As I see us gathering energies from deep within our hearts in preparation for something both amazing and magnificent.

So I just want to read the first part of this…

I Am my I Am Presence and I Am One with the I Am Presence of ALL Humanity.
The center of my Universe is the Threefold Flame in my Heart.

My Universe consists of every person, place, condition and thing in my life, conscious or unconscious, past or present, the obvious choice or through karmic liability.
Within my Heart Flame, I have the ability to Love my Universe FREE of all lower energies and thus I set myself Free. Simultaneously I assist every other point in my Universe to move forward in Light.

I Am the center of my Universe.

I Am a force of God’s Resurrection Flame to all points in my Universe.

I Am Loving Free every vibration less than Divine Love.

I Am Free… I am Free… I am Eternally Free

I’m sure most of us see that invocation as a marvelous thought or perhaps magical wish that is so far from our reality right now that seems unachievable.

Yet when we think of the word resurrection we immediately think of the Easter story of Jesus which is not the first resurrection story but the one that holds the most power for us right now as an example of what it might look like or feel like.

So what I’m sensing is that through our physical separation from each other and our special places on Earth where we receive deeper connection to all life…

We are somewhat buried in a barren and empty tomb.
Waiting for that moment of inner release and acceptance of our True Freedom.

The future looks somewhat dark and much like a struggle for survival, yet our Deep Divine Love for Life has been buried under all our materialism and separation over thousands of years.

The Good News is that it is now being brought to the Light as Patricia tells us “WITHIN MY HEART FLAME.
Yes WE do have the power to change it all, once we acknowledge the destruction we have created.

I was then guided to the Kuan Yin Oracle by Alana Fairchild and today’s card is appropriately #33 Ten Sisters Of Light.

The message is primarily to remember that our lives are a collection many of us are highly advanced souls. We have many skills and abilities that we have accumulated over lifetimes and they are now a unified expression.

She writes that… “it is like drawing on the power of 10 sisters, or more into your one current lifetime”.

Inferring that we have at least 10 times more power and strength than we think we might have. Our journey from this point on will be more of a Soul Journey versus a physical human journey.

Kuan Yin reminds us to be patient, to be open and to be trusting. We will be shedding so many old issues, pain and suffering even without full awareness of them.

It will be the Light of our Souls that will direct us and that we are to Trust that Light, that threefold flame of which Patricia speaks.

For we are the Light and have always been the Light yet have chosen a very long time ago to separate and experience the darkness.

I think each one of us can agree now that we’ve had enough experiencing of the darkness. We can fully understand the intrigue and its ability to swallow us. We chose separation in order to experience it, not fully understanding its power because we were innocent children of light, who were given free will to explore this beautiful garden in the third dimension.

So as I wrap this up I want you to travel deep within your heart’s, to seek what may seem like a very small spark of light. It may appear as just a very tiny sparkling crystal, but even that tiny shiny crystal has enough Light and Power for you to Resurrect yourself.
As we focus on the Light within our Hearts the Love will grow like the small seed, that becomes the giant tree, that provides so much for so many.

People like You are the Light and Love embodied as the resurrection and as We truly embrace the Divine Grace and Power that each of us Truly Are, WE end the separation and become ONE and whole again.

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