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Positive Renewal and Miracles

Positive Renewal and Miracles

Today we embrace the New Moon… a re-alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth where the side that always faces us is dark and reflects no Light.
Yet the Moon and the Sun are still offering us the enchantment of a New Beginning.

The Sacred Space Meditation Card for this morning is Enchantment and it speaks of the Universe being magical.
Our Universe is always providing miracles for us to accept and play with.

The Course In Miracles in its first chapter states…
1. “There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not “harder”or “bigger” than any other. They are all the same. All expressions of love are maximal.”

This is what the normal really offers us is the miracle of renewal. The innate ability of all of us to stop for a moment and embrace the dark sky in which only the distant stars can be seen.

And what do those distant stars have to offer us but their own light that travels such great distances to be with us. Light which existed long before we were even considered as human beings that were meant to dwell on this tiny little planet in a distant galaxy as human beings.

Sometimes I like to think about our life here on planet Earth as being magical not just the every day toil of finding food or keeping warm or sheltered from extreme weather conditions. If you really think about it we really are quite magical and we are miracles that have become so busy with our personal desires that we no longer take much time to move into deep appreciation for everything that life has to offer.

I would like everyone to take a moment and a deep inhale of the air that surrounds you. Gently exhaling and knowing that the simple action of breathing sustains your ability to accept the many miracles that occur in both beginning’s and endings.

This is the energy of the New Moon from which we receive “affirmations of rebirth which seem to go back but really go forward. They undo the past in the present, and thus release the future”. ACIM

Sometimes it’s very strange and difficult for us to accept that out of what appears as darkness and strife we are actually being given an opportunity to deepen into our hearts and bring forth light from within us that we may not have known existed.

So this is the time where Our Light if we so choose to tap into it, will guide and direct us into new beginnings, loving adventures, and expand us into dreams with great potential to offer our loving presence to eliminate all of the ills of humanity.

One of the keys to embracing renewal and miracles is to, “bear witness to truth”, for in that moment we accept a universal blessing. One in which we are not only accepting forgiveness… We are now available to share it with others.

In many ways forgiveness is a miracle, mostly because of its power to release everyone from fear.

Forgiveness offers us an opportunity to embrace who we truly are and provides the energetic opportunity for miracles to occur. Not only for ourselves but for those to home we offer our forgiveness. Many times there is so much power that in a synchronous moment there is a dissolution that occurs so rapidly that were not even aware of its occurrence until days, weeks or months afterward.

So here we are standing at the threshold in what appears to be the darkness of the night sky letting go of what no longer serves us, either personally or collectively. A new Dawn will come and our next evening may appear just as dark as this one, yet light will already have moved into the darkness whether we have noticed it or not.

This endless cycle that has been occurring throughout all of our lifetimes, always offering its quiet space for us to leave behind all that no longer aligns with us, is now speaking to us once again with opened and loving arms. Held out to embrace us, not in fear but in love.

Knowing that our false thinking has created such heaviness within our hearts that we fear it cannot ever be removed. Yet where there is Divine Order there is always hope which helps us to dispel all illusions.

So let us think about co-creating Miracles and sharing them with each other, as we did in the beginning. As we did at the birthing of humanity on this planet.

We are so amazing, so well designed, so embraced by peace, light and love that to fear darkness and to embrace anger and greed is a defilement of not only ourselves but all of creation.

So let’s now embrace each other, energetically once again as we step forward from this new moon with new intention and greater vigor.

To invite the miracles, and share the miracles knowing that after these days of separation from each other we are now realizing not only who we are but what we are fully capable of being when we live from our hearts not from our minds.

As I leave this morning just remember that this is an opportunity to correct our perception in order that our collective human consciousness is inspired to create with respect and compassion through the miracles that we embrace within our own hearts.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.22.20