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Deep Inner Guidance

Deep Inner Guidance
Good morning to All on this last Friday of May 2020 and Many Blessings to each of you.

As I asked my Guides for a topic the answer was in my question.
We All need Deep Guidance right now.
The world around us has shifted into something that is quite bizarre and at times very unrecognizable.
Our everyday routines and habits have become an object of criticism which is undermining the the energetic stability of every living being on our planet.

For my own preservation of emotional stability I have chosen to look at it all as a Great Storm which does not care what is in its path. It will destroy everything and have no feelings of empathy or remorse for its actions at all.

The Sacred Space Meditation Card I pulled today was Divine Guidance which shows an interacting group of several galaxies. It almost looks as if there is an arm of bright blue stars reaching out, as if to assist each other.

The message of the card is really about Divine Guidance… “I am secure in the knowledge of my place in the Universe. I allow Divine guidance to school me.”

Let’s think about Our place in this pandemic which makes us all feel so vulnerable.

There is certainly no easy solution and our band-aids are creating deeper infections which will not even surface to our awareness until much later.

I want you all to take a couple of slow and deep breaths… and then just relax into an easy breathing pattern.
Place a finger or your thumb on your wrist and find your radial artery in that soft spot directly upstream from your thumb.

Gently feel your beating heart… close your eyes and allow it to take you on a journey.

A journey which reminds you that you are not only alive, you are also very precious.
That no matter what is happening around you or to you.

Energy is flowing through our bodies connecting the galaxies within us.
Rivers of precious starlight connecting everything, everyday, every moment.
Without our directing, in spite of our fears and connecting us to each other.

Our Mother Earth’s Heart is pulsing as well and even though we can be separated from each other and placed in isolation Her Heart can be felt if we let ourselves just focus on our own heartbeat.

It is this Divine inner connection to everything that cannot be broken by words, actions or machines.
For it is the bond of the Universe both around us and within us.

Slowly let go of your pulsing artery and come back into your greater physical presence.

Know that the Deep Inner Guidance we all seek is always right there when we allow the brain to come to a place of peace.
That it is only not accessed due to confusion created by the Great Story Teller our human mind.

When we bypass all of the interference the wisdom rises to be able to be seen, heard and felt.

Truth is always held in your Heart not in your mind.
The mind can be controlled and then it seeks to control the Heart
In that moment We have been separated from Our Deep Inner Guidance
We are no longer the Sovereign Beings of Creation whose Love and Compassion is so desperately needed right now.

May each of You reconnect to Your Deep Inner Guidance and know how powerful you Truly Are.

Rumi – There is a field

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing
and rightdoing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.26.20