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Ancient Rage

Friday, June 5 Full Moon…

As I felt into the energies of this sunny morning here on the Southwest Coast of Maine there was something asking me to look beyond the beauty.

It was asking me to look at the darkness in the world right now and acknowledge the pain and suffering of all humans.

I do not recommend my journey unless you have fully embraced the Light within your amazing Divine Presence.

What is being expressed right now from the collective whole of humanity has been building for thousands of years and through this process of isolation from each other is asking to be released.

The Darkness which appears as our beloved moon is eclipsed is not evil or malevolent, is an opportunity to recognize our cyclical connection to each other and the greater Cosmos.

Every unloving action influences every other action and will not stop until it is called forth from the darkness and placed in the light to be transmuted.

The greatest action of unloving is within our hearts and we have held it for far too long. Stuffing it deep within us and pretending that we are not affected by it all.

What we witness right now all around us… Is Us!

Screaming at the top of our lungs to End Our Insanity.

It is all about respecting each other and offering a better life to each other. One in which the manipulation of daily existence is no longer distorted by Greed and Hatred.

Both Greed and Hatred are not something that exists on their own… they are force-fed by our inner child, whose distorted acceptance of Love has created wounds so deep within the collective of humanity that it can no longer be held at bay.

This is Our legacy rising to be the mirror into which the reflections reveal our inner hatred of ourselves.

During this Eclipse where our shadows become strong enough to block our light, let us see the reflection of our ancient ancestors who are speaking so very loudly now,

to end this cycle of destruction,

to embrace the wounds within us,

to see them in each other,

to reach out through our hearts,

to truly forgive ourselves,

and find ways to work peacefully together

lest we condemn all future children

to repeat the loneliness and anger

that serves only separation and destruction.


Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.2.20