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Flowing With The Changes MP3

Good morning and many Blessings to each of you as We move closer to the Solstice on June 20th here in the year 2020.

I‘m sure that each of you is feeling a lot of energy right now that may feel uncomfortable in a wide variety of ways.

The message for today is to stay in the middle of the stream of the erratic energies and to flow with all the changes that may be affecting you.

The keywords that appeared today are Acceptance and Manifestation.

The Sacred Space Meditation card I was offered today is Harmony.

The message of Harmony is,
“My heart sings in harmony with the Universe. I am always on key.”

What is arising in all of us is the greater sensing of fear. Not only in the world around us but triggering old doubts and wounds within us that are not yet resolved within us.

In many ways, this is the needed medicine for humanity as a collective; for those thousands of years, for which we are now being held accountable.

Shortly after the Solstice, we experienced an Annular Eclipse of the Sun, which is also a resetting, whereas collective humanity, we evolve to another level of conscious awareness.

The fork in the road will now reveal a gateway, which provides an opportunity to leave the roadway behind us and travel on a LightPath or River of Light, which will not be seen by those whose hearts are closed or still heavy with darkness and ancestral anger.

This is the moment when many with enormous egos will falter and fail.

Where the prophecies of many ancestral teachings will be witnessed, all of which is to awaken and connect the Elders to the New Children.

Beginning the time of seeding and nurturing for the future generations.

Each of us has an inner alignment that will guide us, and it is not story-based. It is crystalline and not affected by the external frequencies of distortion, which are now being radically optimized as tools of control.

We are to remain in the Holy Waters of the River where fear will be minimized, and frustration will move into a progression of really positive events.

The Keys for us to move forward now are…

to trust the celestial voices which radiate as Creator’s Energy
to stabilize our individually unique energy fields within our physical Water Structure
to create Harmony and Balance and anchor it to the Heart of Mother Earth
to Re-Birth the Crystalline Collective Consciousness in all of humanity and end this Trail of Destruction.

Various Replay Links…

YouTube Video Replay @ Presence of Light

MP3 Replay @ Your Listen

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.19.20