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Good morning and welcome to the Presence of Light Talk with Charlie Riverman Bergeron where today’s topic is about Unity and Trusting Love.

This week there have been many events held around the world, live and online which reflect Unity or that greater coming together Humanity in loving relationship and trusting each other through these very disturbing times.

This cyber celebration of humans from around the world only wishes to bring about a more Unified Collective Whole as part of our evolution. One in which We love and respect each other more openly and help to heal the wounds of the past.

The anger and pain that is rising around us now are only creating more fear and loss for our children to try and process during their lifetimes and has to be seen as an opportunity to trust ourselves to bring about the changes that are so desperately needed.

As I look around the world I see the destruction that falsity and lies have brought forth to create a lack of trust in us all.

Not just with our leaders but with each other.

We are somewhat adrift in the middle of an ocean of change with the ship captains arguing as to who will claim what is left from the turbulent seas when the storms have passed.

The first two cards I pulled from The Sacred Space Meditation Cards by Elinor Von Linden this morning which were Love and Trust.

I wanted to put them back in the deck as I asked myself what do I have to contribute to the world about Love and Trust.

However… Love is why I’m here and Trust is what keeps me here.

The Love card states “Love is the life current that flows through the Universe. This current fills my heart as I surrender my will to God’s will.

The Trust card expresses, “I know the love of God supplies me with faith and trust in life’s processes.”

As I thought about those two words the question arose as to how we are feeling about trusting love these days…

Hmmm!!! Here WE are.

All of this reminds me of the song… Eve of Destruction from 1964 whereas a teenager my thoughts were focused on watching my friends being killed in foreign lands while now I experience it in my 70’s next door and my neighborhood.

Be it a violent war or a virus, both have filled my heart with pain.

Both are creating a field of fear that our children will carry as a burden into the future.

The time is now to stand in Love and Trust and ask …

What affirmations can we embrace right now that will carry us through this and how can we show the children of the future We want to co-create a better world for them?

The opportunity is being presented to us all to rise not in hatred and anger but Love and Trust.

By taking a deeper look into our guilt and pain and saying… no more.

Let’s take a deep breath right now together and allow our Highest Self to speak softly to us saying…

We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For.

Allow that to settle and take another breath and look at the children around us in our own families.

As we gently exhale this time let us speak softly … I Love You…

You are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For.

Allow yourself to acknowledge the feeling of Unity that arises within you in this connecting of generations.

Feel the wisdom you have… about how all of life needs more respect and nurturing.

Feel the power you have… through Love and Trust to embrace the children and guide them.

Keep breathing gently yet deeply… feeling the Love and Trust returning into your heartbeat and all of your arteries and veins.

Feel yourself grounding to Mother Earth and receiving Her Grace

Perhaps She is speaking to you whispering… Welcome Home
Welcome back to Our One Heart which never stops beating.

It is here in the Heart of the Mother that the Evolution of All Life is given birth.
Given birth through Love and Trust and gently flows throughout All Life

Our Mother gently whispers

Listen for my Heartbeat for it is your heartbeat as well
Seek my Waters for they are both the lifeblood and tears of human existence

You are always my children, be you old or young
Your true nature is Divine and Life is a gift you chose
Our separation is no longer sustainable in any form
Share this message with your children now as you guide them

And above all else Trusting Love is the Key to Wholeness and Peace

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Charlie Riverman Bergeron 6.26.20