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SHOW NOTES 1.29.21

Giving and Receiving – Appreciation

“It will be given you to see your brother’s worth when all you want for him is peace. And what you want for him you will receive.”

It is always so very interesting to not know what I’m going to be speaking about when I wake up in the morning and prepare to do my presence of light talk.

The word appreciation arose within the context of somebody feeling appreciative for what someone else was offering them. It was an offering of upliftment.

This talk is the last one for January of 2021.

The question for me as I awoke this morning was,

How do I see the first month of this year as a period of change?

As I thought about it, I couldn’t really make a list because it became mindboggling. Is it changes that have begun are almost too numerous to even imagine?

The feeling however that I’m left with is one of appreciation.

I know that in the middle of all that is happening people may say how can you feel that?

Yet what I see happening is people coming together period.

Yes, we see people coming together in negative ways on the public television and news network.

And I’m left wondering why we do not see more positive aspects of the changes that are happening.

What I see are very strong Egos struggling to get attention, struggling to make their words be the right words without taking into consideration that most of them sound like barking dogs.

For me barking dogs are annoying, it is a sound that is saying pay attention to me in a very self-centered way. It makes me look in the mirror and ask myself is that who I am?

When we look in the mirror in this new year 2021 let us ask that face that stares back at us who are you? What do you want? And why aren’t you doing it?

Deeply within our hearts we want to return to a place where we can express kindness to each other in a peaceful manner.

Somehow our ability to not only be the peace we are

but to express it has had a wall built around it

so that it doesn’t get outside of that wall and affect others.

When we look at history we see how countries have built walls to protect themselves and we see how the walls have all failed to protect them.

Building walls does not solve problems what it does is send a signal of fear of deep fearfulness an unwillingness to look at what the fear is and to resolve it.

Lettuce look at this first month of 2021 and say to ourselves I am well,

I am peace,
I am whole,

I am a being of light and love

the first word is peace

all week long I have been sharing with people that we are born into our physicality from a place of peace and that when we die we first return to a place of peace.

In that simple understanding of from peace to peace we have to look at our lives as a space between. A journey between two places of peace in which we get to explore life in a physical form
in which we are given an opportunity to be the other two aspects of who we are light and love .

Light is the vehicle for love and love is what we truly are.

Yet during our lifespan here as human beings we are always seeking love. Seeking it from outside of us. When in truth that is what we are .

2021 is a year in which we are to seek the love we are and bring it forward into the light that we are and let it flow forth as the water we are. So that everyone can drink the from the Cup of peace. The chalice of the well if you will of who we truly are.

I encourage people who are suffering from their journeys of inner self discovery to not look at it as a permanent scar but too realize that the healing time has begun

and it is only how deeply we want to seek healing rather than retribution that will reveal to us the wall we had put around us and which needs to be dissolved.

Each one of you as well as I are amazing beings of peace light and love that have forgotten and had the world around us bury us alive and it is now a time of resurrection.

A resurrection from within our hearts not from our minds .

For it is the minds that have created the walls it is the mind that needs protection it is the mind that lives in fear

we are not the mind

we are the heart

so my message today is to come back into your heart right into the roots of that beautiful Lotus and grow out of the mud and the mire by allowing the peace the light and the love to nurture us as human beings.

There are no governments, no laws, no contracts, no copyrights, nothing we can think of in material form, that can do anything more for us to be who we truly are then to surrender to your heartbeat.

May 2021 be the year in which your heartbeat becomes the drum to which you make every step forward.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 1.29.21