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Today’s message is about being in service to each other and all of Life here on our Mother Earth.

Sometimes it is not very easy to define what that might be. Yet, each of us has a responsibility to try and identify what that might mean for us individually and collectively.

The extreme cold weather that has engulfed the United States recently has brought me to realize that we as humans are very vulnerable and need to respond with Love to each other.

For me, it all began with thinking how grateful I am for the physical comfort I enjoy.

Yes, there are moments when it isn’t always a joyous moment, yet I have deep Gratitude for surviving all the hardships in my Life.

Yes, there are some scars, both physical and emotional, yet I have been allowed to offer others the Light of my Highest Self to others with a profound Loving Energy.

We talk about Love and Light a lot, yet how often do we take time to just send it to others without being asked.

It begins within your hearts as Gratitude

What are you grateful for?

“There is always something to be grateful for, even when life is hard and times are tough.” – Daily Om

These words hit me straight on as the first words I read this morning and brought me to thinking about how I have been through so much in my lifetime …

All of which has helped me to realize how Gratitude comes from acceptance.

Acceptance brings us to a place of Peace.

When we are at Peace within ourselves, it is much easier to offer others Love and Compassion because it dwells within our hearts.

Life is full of ups and downs, tragedies, and joyous happenings.

Each of us shares in the same dramas at different levels and timeframes within our lifespans.

Nobody escapes the journey of Life





None of us come into these bodies with full remembrance of who and what we indeed are on what we might call a Divine Level.

And as soon as we leave the waters of our mother’s wombs, we are entering into a physicality that cannot survive on its own.

Light transmuted into Form and needs others’ care to bring us to a place where we can function in physicality and alignment within a fantastic structure.

Let us look at each other as having had this same experience and coming from this same source.

Let us look at each other as Light rather than a physical entity.

Let us respect that Light in each other as the Light which is within us and who we indeed are.

Let us Love each other as infants who need guidance and nurturing to survive their evolution as a larger body we call Humanity.

And in doing so… acknowledge the Light and Love We Are and have always been and will always be when we are not in physical form.

Let us let go of the stories we have told each other and ourselves, which keep us separated from each other and Serve the Light in each other with Love.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 2.19.21