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Rising In Authority

Good Morning and Grand Rising to each of you who are just beginning on this journey of recovering from judgment and powerlessness.

Each of us is living through a historical event that future generations will question and write about as an evolutionary shifting of humanity.

We are more than what we are told and less than what we may think.

That is an interesting statement to write and watch the words play out on my show notes’ blank page. I was even guided to put it in bold letters.

Where are we headed, and how does our collective entrapment find a way to dissolve within the ocean of greed and avarice.

Powerful words this morning is coming through me, and it is all about Our Rising in Authority.

The message is what I call the writing on the wall, or the moment of awakening. Each of us know that when we have awakened from our sleep the dreams, we had begun to dissipate, some very rapidly while others may linger all day.

We might even carry them for several days or weeks, for that matter.

This process of releasing what is no longer necessary is a process we went through when we began to settle in villages and create cities thousands of years ago. It is a major part of our evolution that repeats itself over an extended timeline.

When the tribal communities were confronted with the patriarchal authoritarians of today, they are quite vulnerable. For these people who live by natural laws they are a threat and may look upon them as a virus that creates a pandemic in which their world is destroyed, and nothing in their teachings appears to have any power.

The Kogi message on the cover of their video ALUNA is “There is no life without thought.”

and they are asking us to think deeply at long the term consequences we are co-creating,

Their concern is for the environment, and mine is for our future humanity.

What is happening today is very similar to this pandemic. Every one of us is one of those beautiful villagers having our world destroyed around us and being forced into ways of thinking that are not only harmful but violate the natural process of planetary evolution.

My words may seem a bit harsh this morning, yet the message is really about Rising out of the Suffering and tapping into Your True Self which has the innate ability to Create.

Sister Mia’s, Soul Inspiration Message Card by Kahliya reads,

“Breakthrough The Veil of FEAR and LIGHT Appears”

The Angel Blessings Card by Kimberly Marooney

is Fortunata, which speaks of Prosperity

What is spoken of; is the fortune of Spirit.

That Spirit can overcome all fears and the Light through which it shines forth into each of our Hearts.

Yes, there is also authority in spiritual realms, which can be distorted to create an imbalanced hierarchy of leaders and followers.

However, I’m talking to you today to come back into the True Self You Are— the one who knows the difference between oppression and freedom within your own bodies.

You are being called to respond to the distortion within you with loving kindness and trusting in your own True Self to guide you through it all.

The “still, small voice,” as Eileen Caddy expressed it is what I call the Inner Power of the True Self, which never sleeps.

It is no small voice at all but is hard to hear over the waterfall of distortion and interference that is being shouted at us from every direction and electronic device we engage with.

The key to adjusting ourselves to be in more self-alignment; is to unplug from the media that is directing your thoughts in so many ways that you have lost your own ability to think independently.

Tap into the tiny pleasures you receive from Nature, for they have no agenda other than to exist just like you by being their fullest expression of Life.

Get out and receive more sunlight and drink water that you filter, not by someone else whose only goal is profit and making water a commodity that they can control.

Just remember that every time you honor yourself, you are celebrating all living forms, and they will respond in kind.

It will take generations to repair the damages we have created here on Planet Earth by Rising in Authority.

Not by fighting and arguing, not by judging and demeaning!

It will happen within us by listening to that “still small voice.”

Rising into your Full Sovereignty, which has no judgment of others, only a desire to assist them in awakening to what they indeed are.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.9.21

YouTube Video Replay @ Presence of Light