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A Pond of Fear to An Ocean of Love

How different are the Waters within us
when we are offering Love to them
rather than pouring them forth
in a state of fear

Each one of us at some time
dwell within that pond of fear

Where the feeling of drowning
creates the energy of panic
and Our energy becomes
erratic and overly stressed

Creating that space where
We are no longer able
to communicate in a loving manner

In that moment and all which follow it
We are sending a signal to the world
that is irrational and alarming

8 billion pools of fear
separated and unavailable
to respond to each other

Let us now open the gates to our Heart
That Ocean of Love and embrace each other
with ‘waves of oneness’

Charlie Riverman Bergeron
Written for Global Heart Team 4.15.21
and a Loving Thank You to Kate Roberts for “Waves of Oneness”