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Healing Light


It is the New Moon and Chinese New Year – the Red Fire Monkey, each of which have aspects that will be life changing. It doesn’t matter if you ascribe to their forecasts or not for in all aspects it is a new beginning…

The Blue and Golden Rays are embracing each and every one of us as we move into some uncharted areas which can be unsettling at the least.

Allow them to bring to you
a Peaceful Strength
a Brilliant Outlook
a Deep Serenity
an Abiding Love

Allow yourself to reflect
on Your Purpose
on Your Commitment
on Your Acceptance
to Mother Gaia

Allow all possibilities
for Clearing or Removal
for Transmutation
for Infusion
to manifest

And to become an integral part of your experience
for the greatest benefit to all beings
without judgment or restriction

cRb 2.8.16