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Which are not what was spoken during the call but the primer for what came through. Yet they became the gateway that opened me to freestyle the message you will listen or watch.

Changing Within

Good morning to everyone here on this beautiful planet, our home, mother earth.

We are in this very moment experiencing changes that are both alarming and hardly understood. Each one of these changes begins within us, not outside of us. What we witness outside of us and around us is more of a catalyst for all of what is happening within us.

Life energies that arise within us are indeed linked with the energies around us. We may think that we are separated and not in a relationship with each other, but that is a falsity that has been true forever.

Those thousands, if not millions of years, depending on what you want to believe, are the long journey of who in what we indeed are they are born into and through the physical Rome of the third dimension.

So yes, we all have physical changes; we are born, age, and die. The part of us that is witness to all of this exists within the center of all that is happening to us , around us, and also that which exudes from us.

So who are we that is changing within?

We are not just human beings; we are a vast collective of energy that exists without a physical body but is part of a greater whole that even in this moment of our evolution is not entirely understandable.

This is how we became storytellers in order to express who and what we are so that we might not ever forget. Yet, with all the years of our existence, we seem to have reached a point where we have forgotten more than we remember.

I’m inviting everyone just to take a moment wherever you are and take a brief journey into your physical heart.

Yes I said you are physical heart.

Feel your body pulsing and know that wherever you may feel that pulsing, it emanates from your heart, and it is your head that recognizes it as beating. This is what makes you human.

We can see ourselves as separate from the environment around us.

It doesn’t mean that we are separated from it. It just means we can see ourselves as separate from it.

Whoever or whatever we are lives in this physical body only for as long as that heart keeps beating, and when it stops, whatever we are leaves and moves back into the dimension of energy from which it came.

For some of you, this may sound quite morbid or at least very strange. However, we are now in a global situation where many are returning back to the source and leaving to be that energetic self rather than a physical self.

Each one of us who remains in our physical bodies is witnessing that transformation.

The witnessing of what is transpiring around us concerning that leaving of our physical bodies is painful because it reminds us that we are vulnerable. Yet, our vulnerability ends up giving us our ability to seek our strength rather than our weakness.

Do we call this a lesson in humanity?

Do we call this an insurmountable force of chaos?

Do we allow ourselves to feel weak and fearful?

Every breath we take is sending a signal of energy to our heart to keep going.

Keeping going even when confused or totally disoriented has allowed us to shift and change but physically and energetically over millions of years.

We are amazing.

We are beautiful.

We are not here to suffer.

It is time now to breathe into everything that is happening around us and within us knowing that everything we are experiencing will Be left behind us as we continue to move forward on our evolutionary journey.

I don’t want everybody to start focusing on our capabilities rather than their disabilities and know that each one of us is a genuinely unique being of light.

That light cannot be diminished,

that light cannot be put out,

It can only be hidden

It can only be put into a container and hidden

which of course reduces its true power

and makes it a slave to another power

The only changes that need to be done right now are within us, and they will influence the changes around us. Each of us can change something that will affect or trigger that change in someone else, and it is up to us to change each other through kindness and compassion, not violence and hatred, and anger.

We have become obsessed with the power and have forgotten how powerful each one of us indeed is, and I want everyone to go within their heart this week and try to feel who you are within that heart space. What do you love, what do you care about, and how can you very gently align yourself with that part of yourself that is truly you.

I know it’s not easy in this world of confusion at this moment to stand fast and not so much defend yourself but express yourself fully.

Yet it is proper to express yourself as the loving, kind, caring energy field you are; you once again become the light that nourishes all others to rise from the darkness and breathe fresh air once again.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 4.23.21

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