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May the Beauty of your True Self always shine forth as we unite, rise and stand in our Divine Sovereignty.

Sitting on the edge of another week
Holding on to the last moments of now

There is a deep inner message rising
around the words, Amazing Grace

Each of us are now embracing moments
which the future historians will honor
as the moment of Bright Light

The Bright Light from within Our Hearts
Offering everyone the forgiveness
so desperately needed to reveal
the illusions of unworthiness and release them

The Truth of what We Truly are
cannot be hidden or destroyed
because it cannot ever be separated
except by illusion and fear

Amazing Grace overcomes illusion
and moves forward as gentle waves
that are not seen nor heard
especially by those who would oppose them

They are the Waves of Brilliance
which never come into form
yet without which, form never appears

You are that Light and Truth
That never ends because it never began
and yet has always been, and in all ways will be

May You Honor Your True Presence
and know how precious You Are

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 5.2.21