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Freedom Of Unknowingness – Show Note 7.9.21

Good Morning and Blessings to All on this day of the New Moon representing “a return of the Light,” which invites us to empty our pockets of all that no longer has any meaningful purpose or alignment with our journey into the future Self.

For some, unknowingness may feel overwhelming, and they try to avoid it by adding more tasks to their already overwhelming to-do list.

Hopefully, for those listening today and reading this message, there will be a moment of pausing in which the word knowingness incites curiosity.

We are entering into a New World that is not being planned as well as we may be told by those who claim excellent knowledge for that they are not free to swim against the incoming tide.

All of which leaves most of us to float, which requires our releasing of old thinking patterns and adjusting to living more at the moment.

Indeed, this can be overwhelming for some, and if you are feeling that, please take some time to connect back to nature during this New Moon.

Find those places where you feel a sense of wholeness with Mother Earth and can let everything go, even if only for a few moments. Those few moments will deepen into hours and reset the awkwardness of unknowing.

In nature, we become whole again because we are Water and Earth in our living form and need to reconnect to that part of ourselves.

Our trust in those whose selfishness has eroded our living standards has caused an imbalance in the world around us, and we have accepted that they have power over every aspect of our Living Planet.

We are now witnessing the danger and foolishness of this thinking that came from insensitive greed or, let us say, “intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power or food.” (Google)

A message this morning from the “Gabriel Message Cards” by Shanta Gabriel reads as follows:

“Your way to freedom is by total acceptance of your incredible differences.”

If we look at the world, it appears that our incredible differences are not being heard or respected.

Nor are they realized as having any importance, which diminishes our self-worth and allows the overruling of great masses of individuals.

Especially those whose solutions to situations take power away from our global society’s established but hidden organizational structure.

I ask each of you to honor yourself first as a lovely being of Peace, Light, and Love.

Let us;

Step out of the chaos and into our local wilderness.

No matter how large or small.

Let us;

Take moments to unknow something and see it as if for the first time again from a place of innocence.

Let us;

Remember that the word freedom is not about fighting for something. It is a natural order of life here on Planet Earth and part of its structure.

Many influential wordsmiths from many centuries have rewritten everything to serve those who seek and are in power and control, and it is now time to listen to those who touch your Hearts, not your minds.

I offer you this poem from our Global Heart Team gathering yesterday:

The Smile of Love

is always held in precious and caring energy

waiting for the perfect opportunity

to rise and flow to all in need of its light and Peace

It is in our stillness that the reservoir becomes witnessed

and confirms within us how powerful it truly is

Unconditional Love… How Precious and Omnipotent

silently awaiting our choice to share it with others

Let us all travel deeper into this reservoir

witnessing its endlessness and readiness

honoring who we truly are as Love

the Divine Source of all Life

Love becomes Light and then flows within Peace

and is eternally replenished without our struggling

for it is We who are that reservoir eternally

and momentarily embodied in this physicality.

Written during a Global Heart Team Meditation 7.8.21

Charlie Riverman Bergeron