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Releasing Into The Light – Show Notes 9.3.21

The word Releasing is coming up for me on many levels as we move forward through the many challenges being presented to us all.

It is not a quick fix experience as we are being asked to release our beliefs that will no longer exist in the future.

The Gabriel Message Card this morning reads:

“Release any need to cling to the status quo.

You are being asked to let go into the power of Light, which will allow you to live in your truth.”

This process will be ongoing for several years as Mother Earth re-aligns. Her energetic frequencies release all that is no longer in alignment with Her future self.

We will begin to remember many things lost over thousands of years that most of us have a genetic relationship to.

We will also collectively evolve to accept the responsibilities that will be necessary to assist each other during this process.

Many of us can now accept that this is a positive change rather than suffering or punishment.

Within myself over the past year, there has been a powerful level of acceptance that I would have described as indifference before that has calmed the emotional distress.

Each of us has the power within us to look at our issues and make a different choice. Even if it represents what we might have held as necessary or defining who we are as individuals.

It is in the release that dramatic changes occur.

Mother Earth right now is going through what we call Climate Change, and so are we.

The climate of our beingness is reacting in synchronicity with Hers.

Yet it is not the end but a very dramatic change.

Unfortunately, we still believe that we are more powerful than Mother Earth and act like spoiled children who continue to take and destroy our gifts without any respect for the Love and Life we have been given.

Yet, we feel the wounds of our actions and are awakening to the fact that we are not separated, nor have we ever been from Mother Earth or each other.

As Mother Earth moves into higher dimensional frequencies, so too will we go with her, through releasing all that is in discord to the Light, both around us and within us.

The leaders of our societies are being weakened, and they are in fear. They are now gathering together to try and protect what they have created without realizing that if they, too, would learn to release their hunger for power and control, it would be much easier for all of us.

Fear is a weapon of control and takes away our individual ability to bring Light into our bodies. We know this at some level and are now learning that it is only a part of a warning system.

The Alarm is ringing, telling us to move into a safer place.

That safer place is a higher point of resonance within us from where we can observe without attachment.

And so, we are now moving as a collective humanity to that Light from which Pure Love flows like waters from the mountains to heal and refresh all living presence and aligning with Mother Earth rather than continuing on a path of destruction.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 9.3.21