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Show Notes for Embracing Our Future Self 10.22.21

Each of us is now questioning what the future looks like for humanity as Mother Earth presents some challenges to our future generations.

The question arises, do we continue to live in a mode of daily survival or come together with our children and find solutions that are beneficial to all living beings?

Acts of disrespect cause the greatest wounds, and the worst is not respecting ourselves.

Disrespect is a disease that takes more lives than the present pandemic yet is not addressed.

The most visible signs are the devastation that we have allowed to take place to our Mother Earth, reminding us daily that we must change our ways of living to be more compatible with the natural existence of every form of life here.

This is only a reflection of what we are doing within our bodies, yet somehow, we have sold ourselves a story line that we are in charge of life and cannot be held accountable for the actions that devastate the world around us.

We are slowly becoming more depressed and emotionally distressed. Illnesses are being treated, not cured. The daily cost of energy to sustain us has increased, and the methods of providing it are destroying our natural world.

“The 2021 poverty threshold in the United States is $26,246 for a family of four. This means that households with two adults, two children, and a pre-tax income of less than $26,246 are considered to be living in poverty.”


I will stop here only to remind us that we must change our focus from fixing a broken system to healing ourselves physically and emotionally. Healthy beings cannot exist in a polluted environment.

The good news in all this darkness is that we are here right now and awakening to parts of ourselves that enhance our abilities to foresee, correct or redirect all of the past errors that threaten future generations.

We have all suffered trauma and are being traumatized right now by the leaders of our nations by their inability to let go of greed and power.

The key to our individual success is for all of us is to accept and release what is arising from our personal past. We do not need to get angry or live in a world of depression, for we have already been there and done that.

Mother Earth is calling us to move forward with her and co-create the New World with our children, which will be a return to the initial Divine Design.

Our ancestors have done this before, and together we have far more adaptability and conscious awareness to prepare a better-balanced civilization.

Let us Embrace Our Future Self by keeping our hearts open and knowing that there is no struggle to survive within them, for they are our connection to each other.

It is the brain within the skull that our problems arise from and where they gather to rule the heart.

So let us not be fearful of opening our hearts and knowing who we are within them. For there we are One Heart and One Love, which exists before we come to Earth and exists after we leave it.

Charlie Riverman Bergeron 10.22.21